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Recent Success Stories

Fullman Firm beats CACH LLC and Mandarich Law Group at trial on $26,767 lawsuit. 

Jul 19, 2013by Adam T.P. hired us after CACH LLC and Mandarich Law Group hit him with a bank levy, taking $8,000.  After some research we learned that they had obtained a default judgment for $26,767, but they had not given T.P. proper notice of the lawsuit.

We brought a Motion to Vacate Default Judgment before the court and obtained an order vacating the judgment and ordering the return of the $8,000.  Then we defended the lawsuit.

At trial the court sustained our objections to most of their evidence and entered judgment for defendant T.P. against CACH LLC.  We have filed our memorandum of costs to recoup T.P.’s expenses from CACH LLC.

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Midland Funding LLC Dismisses $14,062 Lawsuit After Fullman Firm Client Obtains Sanctions Award Against It.

Jun 18, 2013
by Adam

Midland Funding LLC sued K.C. for $14,062, alleging that it had purchased an old debt.  K.C. defended herself using our DIY Lawsuit Defense service.  We prepared a demand for production of documents for K.C., and Midland Funding LLC failed to respond. We prepared a motion to compel responses, and Midland was ordered to respond and to pay sanctions to K.C.  Midland Funding LLC then offered to dismiss the case with prejudice if K.C. would agree not to pursue the sanction award.   She agreed, and the case is now dismissed.  $14,062 saved!

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