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Portfolio Recovery Associates, LLC is located in Virginia and a subsidiary of Portfolio Recovery Associates, Inc.  Portfolio Recovery directly purchases portfolios of charged-off accounts from U.S. creditors.  They purchase a wide variety of charged-off accounts, including: credit card, installment, lines of credit, auto loans, healthcare, telecom, utility, student loans, and retail.  In lawsuits, Portfolio Recovery is often represented by its own in-house collection attorneys.  However, it maintains a network of third-party collection attorneys.  In the state of California, Portfolio Recovery Associates is represented by Hunt & Henriques and Legal Recovery Law Offices.

To learn how we can help you, call us at (888) 922-2367.


Portfolio Recovery Dismisses $4,573 lawsuit to Avoid Producing Documents

Dec 26, 2014 - D.S. used our Attorney Assisted lawsuit Defense Attorney Assisted Sign Up to defend a lawsuit against him by Portfolio Recovery for $4,573.  After he used the demand for documents we prepared for him Portfolio Recovery dismissed the case.  Merry Christmas, D.S.!

Portfolio Recovery Dismisses Two Lawsuits Against Fullman Firm Client

Aug 14, 2014 - Portfolio Recovery sued S.C. twice for two different debts.  S.C. hires The Fullman Firm for Attorney Assisted Lawsuit defense.  We prepared his response to the lawsuits, and demanded copies of Portfolio Recovery’s documents.  We just received word that that both cases have been dismissed.  Congratulations S.C.!

Portfolio Recovery Dismisses $15,617 Lawsuit After Fullman Firm Starts Preparing For Trial

Apr 29, 2014 - When Portfolio Recovery sued G.C. for $15,617 he began by defending himself, but then he found The Fullman Firm and had us prepare for trial.  When we served Portfolio Recovery with our pre-trial documents, it dismissed the case.  That’s two wins against Portfolio Recovery in one month!

Portfolio Recovery Dismisses $7,793 Lawsuit To Avoid Responding to Fullman Firm Document Demands

Apr 29, 2014 - Portfolio Recovery sued N.L. for $7,793.  N.L. retained the Fullman Firm to assist in her defense.  We prepared our demand for production of documents and . . .  surprise! Rather than produce proof of its claim, Portfolio Recovery dismissed the case.  Our client is considering whether to sue Portfolio Recovery for violation of the Rosenthal Fair Debt Collections Practices Act.

Fullman Firm Beats Portfolio Recovery and Legal Recovery Law Offices (Mark Walsh) at Trial

Aug 5, 2013 - Portfolio Recovery and Legal Recovery Law Offices filed suit against D.U. in Los Angeles Superior Court, demanding $6,167.85.  D.U. started off representing herself, but ultimately decided she needed some help.  She retained us for trial against Portfolio Recovery and Legal Recovery Law Offices.  We were able to get much of Portfolio Recovery’s evidence excluded at trial, and the court entered judgment in D.U.’s favor!  Congratulations D.U.!

Portfolio Recovery and Legal Recovery Law Offices Dismiss $7,273 Lawsuit Against Fullman Client

Jul 16, 2012 - N.L. Came to us in the last month before trial.  She had begun her defense herself without our help.  We are happy when clients succeed and save money, but it is risky not to seek professional help, especially when our services are so affordable.  In any case, when opposing counsel received our call stating that we would be appearing at trial, they agreed to dismiss the case.  Congratulations N.L.!

$14,393.47 Lawsuit Dropped by Portfolio Recovery/Mark Walsh/Legal Recovery Law Offices

Jan 6, 2012 - Judith was sued by Portfolio Recovery Associates for over $14,000 using Mark Walsh of Legal Recovery Law Offices as its attorney. We prepared a simple demand for production of documents demanding copies of the evidence against Judith.  When Portfolio refused to produce the documents, we prepared a motion to compel its compliance with the law.  In response, Portfolio dismissed the suit rather than deal with the motion.  Winner! Congratulations, Judith, and thanks for the very sweet note.  We’ll post it once it’s been scanned.

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Your results may vary. All cases are unique and these results are not an indication of the likelihood of success of your case.

Defending a Portfolio Recovery Lawsuit

Defending a Portfolio Recovery Lawsuit

Respond to the lawsuit and demand a copy of their file for $250.
Remove Judgment

Remove Judgment

Did Portfolio Recovery obtain a judgment against you without giving you notice? Remove it! Starting at $250.
Settling a Debt with Portfolio Recovery

Settling a Debt with Portfolio Recovery

We have had great results negotiating settlements with Portfolio Recovery. Get started for $250.


Bankruptcy protection starts at $750.

Have You Been Sued By Portfolio Recovery?

50% of our lawsuit defense clients pay nothing to the debt collector. 90% of the rest get the low settlement they want. Quite simply, debt collectors are interested in easy money. They may or may not be able prove their case in court, but they prefer to intimidate people into paying them without doing the work. If you make them work, you have a good chance that they will go harass someone else instead. To learn how we can help you call us at (888) 922-2367.

Statement of Purpose and Path to Success

  • Who are we?

    We are always attorneys for real people against larger adversaries. We are primarily attorneys for debtors against creditors.
  • What services do we provide?

    We defend debt collections lawsuits. We settle debts, protect debtors using the bankruptcy code, and enforce our clients’ rights, primarily debtors’ rights. We litigate efficiently and in light of who we are. We do not collect debts.
  • How do we become effective and continue to be effective?

    We achieve and maintain financial security through: sharing our message with as many people as possible, efficiency in service and in receiving fees for service, increasing our skill and knowledge in our field, and remembering who we are, who we serve, and how we serve them.


  • Dear Sirs please use my case as a testimony to the awesome results I received from your amazing law firm. You post some rather astonishing success stories and I figured that even if half of them were true I'd be in great shape from the horrible mess I was in. But let me tell anyone who cares to listen, THE FULLMAN FIRM went above and beyond what I would have ever expected or even hoped for. Thank you for lifting a million tons of stress off me and my family. A.S.
    Testimony to the Awesome Results I Received,
  • "Hello Adam it's [C.L.].  I just wanted to give you a call to say thank you for the work that your firm has done for me.   Chris informed me that the plaintiff in this matter is seeking dismissal and file that with the court so I just wanted to give you a call to say how professional everybody was in your law firm and I appreciated working with you and grateful for the outcome of the case so I want to thank you for that.  Also you had given me the name of Mr. Langley in New York and I retained him and he is doing a very good job for me so I just wanted to pass that along to you as well. So, again thank you Adam and believe me if there's ever an occasion I can refer someone to you I certainly will. Thank you very much."  C.L.
    Nice thank you voice mail from a client.,
  • I want to thank The Fullman Firm for the excellent work done in regards to my case. By the time I had contacted The Fullman Firm, I was feeling very defeated in regards to my situation. I was facing a garnishment from a judgement that had happened almost 11 years ago. The two previous lawyers I had consulted with recommended against me fighting the judgement and were only interested in charging to assist me in filing bankruptcy. I wanted to get the facts about the case, find out what recourse I might have and thanks to The Fullman Firm, I was able to get the necessary information to make the right decision in regards to my case. The Garnishment was stopped, the case has been dismissed, and I have been refunded the money being withheld. I cannot express enough my gratitude to The Fullman Firm for not only giving me hope at a time when I had very little, but also standing by my side and helping me resolve what other lawyers told me was a losing situation. I am so very thankful for the peace of mind I now have. -T.P.
    I cannot express enough my gratitude,
  • I want to thank you for your excellent work on my behalf. After consulting with other attorneys, I thought I had no options to recover the bank levy. I called your number as a last resort, and have been very pleased with the results. I enjoyed meeting you and collaborating on the case. I wish you well and will be in touch if I have need of any further assistance in this area. - S.H.

    I want to thank you for your excellent work on my behalf.,
  • Hey Ryan, K. here. I'll let W. know, she'll be thrilled. Thanks so much for your most excellent service! I've had tons of experience with attorney's the past 10 plus years. Everything from Personal Injury, Dissolution, Federal Bankruptcy, and Appellate Law. Our experience with you was excellent, and I'd like to tell you why: 1) Your use of MyCase is outstanding. Knowing that you folks are on top of upcoming events with Calendared documentation is very satisfying. Having electronic access to files stored here makes record keeping a synch. 2) I haven't seen the final bill yet, (clearly I'm hoping that funds are still unused when we've closed out our billing) but hearing your expressed concern more than once about responsible use of our retainer makes us feel confident our best interests are represented both legally and financially. You guys have been very fair in billing it seems from my quick (albeit not thorough) review. 3) Communications were clear and succinct. I personally felt at most times that I understood our plan, it's execution, and what the possible outcomes might be. 4) We prevailed. Who knows how nice I might be in my comments if that were not the case... :-) Thanks so much for your professional service. I'm happy to offer a stellar reference if ever desired. K. and W ~
    Our experience with you was excellent.,
  • I contacted The Fullman Firm after being sued for $17,261.74 by Portfolio Recovery LLC and Hunt & Henriques. The Fullman Firm were very prompt, professional and informed me upfront of what my cost would be leading up to the trial. With only 5 days before the trial date, Portfolio Recovery LLC & Hunt & Henriques agreed to settle for $4,000 and agreed to dismiss the case with prejudice. I am very content with the settlement amount and also with the way The Fullman Firm handled my case. I highly recommend their services. The total amount I paid in legal fees was $375. A.B.
    I Highly Recommend Their Service.,
  • The Discover Banksters claimed I owed them over $17,000. After six months of legal preparation, I didn't even have to appear at trial. We were so relieved when I got the call telling us the case had been dismissed, my wife and I were able to get on with our lives.  - G.R.  
    Thank You Fullman Firm.,
  • I would like to thank you and your firm for your services. Your quick response to my needs and professionalism in handling my case has been a terrific experience and will definitely contact you again if I ever have a need again. D.D.
    Thank you again for your assistance. ,
  • Hi Chris! I would like to thank you for all the help you had  given me.  You are always quick in responding to my email.  I really admire your  patience when you walked me through on what I need to do during trial time and emailed the documents that I need to bring. You explained it to me in detail.  With all that & after reading the documents that you made for me  that gave me the confidence to win my case.  That is why when the lawyer of the plaintiff  offered me a settlement of $3,200.00 payable in for 32 months, $100.00 a month I did not accept it.  She even warned me that if I lost I will be paying the whole amount of $5,000.00 plus.  Thank you very much Chris, I will definitely recommend you to my friends who might need your service.  You are a wonderful person , an asset to that company. Thank you very much, Leticia
    Confidence to Win My Case,
  • After many months of receiving those dreaded phone calls and letters from debt collectors, and worrying about them ruining my life, I stumbled upon the Fullman Firm. At first I thought their services must be too good to be true, but I gave it a shot. Ryan was extremely nice, and made the whole process seem very easy. And, just yesterday, it all paid off, when Portfolio Recovery Associates dropped a lawsuit in which they claimed I owed them over $13,000! What a great holiday gift! Thanks to Ryan and all the staff at the Fullman Firm -- I am so glad I found you! - D.N.
    I Am So Glad I Found You!,
  • The Fullman Firm is great! I contacted them to help me deal with Erica Brachfeld Assoc./Midland Credit Management collection lawsuit. They knew right away what strategy to pursue and exactly how to get it done. Even better, they were able to communicate that to me in clear, easy to understand language/email. After a filing or two..Voila! The debt collector backed off and dismissed the case before the trial date. Now they are past the statute of limitations in my state, and I am free of an unfounded claim for money from those vultures. Thanks again Fullman Firm, I couldn't have done it without you!!!!!:)
    The debt collector backed off!,
  • "I give the The Fullman Firm an excellent rating for their timely and professional services at a highly affordable price... Could not have asked for more. Great many thanks!" -K.M.
    I give the The Fullman Firm an excellent rating... ,
  • It was great pleasure working with Chris and entire Fullman Firm team. I came to them because most of the other attorneys that I interviewed didn't think that there would be positive outcome in my case or they wanted to charge a whole lot of money while also being pessimistic about the case. 
    Initially when I talked to Adam, he explained all the risks and broke down the payment plan in small chunks. So if the first thing that i needed to do would fail, all I would stand to lose would be $250. They ended up being successful and my case eventually got dismissed! The whole thing still cost fraction of what some of the other guys wanted to charge.
    In general, I thought that these guys really cared about my case. Most the emails were answered within minutes. If Chis was not available Eric or Adam would always respond. They were always curious and respectful.  Their accounting is really honest and transparent, you see exactly where every penny is going. 
    I would definitely use them in the future and recommend them to all my friends.
    - VD
    It was great pleasure working with Chris and entire Fullman Firm team. ,
  • Hi Adam, I want to thank you for taking the time to talk to me. I think it is very cool how you wanted to roll up your sleeves and not be just an admin guy running your business. Many people find the law tricky and intricate who are not in the profession. I really appreciated your insight, thoughtfulness and explanations in detail. Thank you.Christopher has been doing a great job. It was great meeting you. Thank you very much for your time and consideration. Best Regards, M
    I really appreciated your insight.,
  • When I found out that Mark Walsh was taking me to court over past debt, I didn't know what to do.  Fortunately, the Fullman firm did.  Christopher Peters prepared my legal responses and walked me through the entire process.  He told me what to expect and which meetings were critical for me to attend.  Christopher also followed up regularly to make sure I didn't miss deadlines or let the matter slide.  In the end, Mark Walsh dropped the case -- by fighting back and showing up for court appointments, I guess I was more trouble than the case was worth for him.  Thank you, Christopher and the Fullman firm, for all you did.
    My family and I sincerely appreciate it! V.,
  • I was terrified when I was sued by a collection agency. I used the DIY service offered by The Fullman Firm and with their guidance and had a great outcome. We settled for a fraction of the amount the collection agency was demanding. Adam and his team were helpful and supportive every step of the way.
    I would highly recommend them. , H.R.
  • Thank you for your team’s excellent work in getting the law suit dismissed. Though this was a “do-it-yourself” case where I represented myself,  your guidance and assistance in creating the proper legal documents with instructions on how to file them with the court made if feel as if you and your team were with me every step of the way.  Your experience in these matters and attention to detail at every turn forced the opposing side to dismiss the case. Without a law suit hanging over my head, I’ll be able to begin negotiating this debt from a stronger position and be able to settle it within my limited budget.  Thanks again for your help. Best Regards,      
    Thank you, J.M.
  • The Fullman firm was extremely helpful in providing me legal support for self representation on my recent civil litigation.  They prepared my answer and request for evidence from the Plaintiff.  They filled these items as well on my behalf.  They prepared a subpoena on the Plaintiff’s witness and had it served, they prepared me for trial in detail including a complete what if preparation for my defense.  They were extremely helpful and responsive and I would certainly recommend their assistance to anyone needing support. My case was a creditor dispute seeking significant restitution and I was able to have the case dismissed as a result of the Fullman firms help. Thank you again
  • "The legal team at The Fullman Firm has been outstanding in their professional expertise and availability for questions and concerns. All the best!"
  • "Thank you very much. You have been extremely helpful. I hope, this doesn't come to going to court. If it does, I will most definitely give you a call."
  • Thanks again, Adam and Eric. That Army paperwork was a lot of extra to sort through. You guys really made my day! I will refer anyone who could use your help.

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