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Fullman Firm Saves Client $77,000 on National Collegiate Debt Jul 28, 2016 - L.M. was sued by National Collegiate in two separate cases totaling $110,000. The Fullman Firm negotiated a settlement of $33,000 payable at only $250 a month, saving L.M. $77,000.   Disclaimer: All cases are different, your case may differ from the matters in which these results were obtained, and each client’s case must be evaluated [...]
“It has changed my life.” Jan 19, 2016 - When I first contacted The Fullman Firm months and months ago I thought that I would have to pay Midland Funding until I paid off that money. I didn’t think that you could help. Now I have received a check from them for 3,000.00 for the money that I paid them so far and you [...]
The Fullman Firm Vacates Judgment For $4,209 Held By Capital One Bank Aug 1, 2015 - The Fullman Firm’s motion to vacate client R.G. wins! Client’s 6-year-old Capital One Bank judgment was vacated and the case dismissed. Judgment was $2,375 originally, but $4,209 after post-judgment interest.

Portfolio Recovery Dismisses $7,793 Lawsuit To Avoid Responding to Fullman Firm Document Demands Apr 29, 2014 - Portfolio Recovery sued N.L. for $7,793.  N.L. retained the Fullman Firm to assist in her defense.  We prepared our demand for production of documents and . . .  surprise! Rather than produce proof of its claim, Portfolio Recovery dismissed the case.  Our client is considering whether to sue Portfolio Recovery for violation of the Rosenthal [...]
National Collegiate Student Loan Trust and Patenaude & Felix dismiss $41,896 lawsuit. Apr 1, 2014 - Sometimes even student loan lenders lack the evidence to proceed.  National Collegiate Student Loan Trust sued M.L. for $41,896.17 using Patenaude & Felix.  We prepared his Answer to the Complaint and Plaintiff promptly dismissed the case.  
Fullman Firm Beats Fidelity Creditor Service and Collection Attorney Lloyd Dix at Trial Jan 27, 2014 - Our client, P.M. was sued for $8,000 plus costs and fees for a total of $10,000.  She hired us for pre-trial preparation and to defend her at trial.  The key was the pre-trial preparation, because Fidelity failed to to respond to our pre-trial demands for evidence.  At trial (after about 45 minutes of oral argument [...]

Your results may vary. All cases are unique and these results are not an indication of the likelihood of success of your case.