D. Scott Carruthers Debt Settlement Attorney

The Law Office of D. Scott Carruthers is a California-based debt collection law firm that has been accused of numerous illegal and unethical tactics that violate the rights of consumers. If you’re being pursued by this law firm, you’re probably already frustrated and stressed out by not only their practices but by your debt situation as well. Your best option is to contact a debt settlement attorney from The Fullman Firm.

The Fullman Firm is here to help get rid of your debt problem with D. Scott Carruthers and to ensure your rights as a debtor are protected. Debt settlement is a solution that can work for you even if this law firm has sued or obtained a judgment against you.

The Basic Facts About The Law Office Of D. Scott Carruthers

This law firm is based in Stanton, California and appears to have been started in 2010. The firm acts as a standard debt collector by sending out collection letters and making phone calls to those who have unpaid credit accounts. Because this is a law firm, some debtors may understandably be intimidated or unsure of what their rights are. Numerous lawsuits have alleged that D. Scott Carruthers and his firm engage in unethical and illegal collection tactics, some of which we will discuss below.

What Are Your Rights As A Debtor?

Debt settlement begins with understanding what your rights are as a debtor. Debt collectors like D. Scott Carruthers have been accused of disregarding these legal protections in their quest for higher collection volumes and more profits.

One of the most important laws you need to know about, as a debtor, is the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). This federal law is designed to prevent bullying, unfair and deceptive collection practices, and taking advantage of debtors who might not otherwise know their rights. It allows for a debtor to sue a collector for violations.

The Law Office of D. Scott Carruthers is subject to the FDCPA. That means anyone who attempts to collect a debt on behalf of this law firm is also responsible for acting in accordance with this law. The FDCPA prohibits debt collectors from doing the following:

  • Raising their voices during phone calls with debtors
  • Calling debtors at unreasonable hours of the day
  • Using profane and obscene language with debtors
  • Impersonating law enforcement officers or government agents
  • Threatening to arrest debtors for not paying their debts
  • Informing a debtor’s friends, neighbors, and co-workers about the debt
  • Trying to collect a debt that is in dispute
  • Failing to identify themselves as debt collectors
  • Refusing to provide certain information about the debt to the debtor

The law covers all communications including phone calls and collection letters. Violating this law could result in substantial penalties for the collector.

Allegations Against D. Scott Carruthers and Why You Need A Debt Settlement Attorney

Numerous complaints, including lawsuits, have been filed regarding the collection methods used by The Law Office of D. Scott Carruthers. Debtors have complained that this collector has, among other things:

  • Discussed a debtor’s account with co-workers and family members
  • Called a debtor at inappropriate times
  • Called a debtor at work
  • Made repeated and unwanted phone calls to a debtor
  • Threatened prison for non-payment of a debt
  • Engaged in unlicensed collection activities
  • Inappropriately threatened legal action against a debtor
  • Threatened, without basis, to increase the amount allegedly owed by a debtor if payment was not received immediately
  • Did not identify itself as a debt collector
  • Used false, deceptive, misleading, and harassing methods against numerous debtors

You Have The Right To Know About Your Debt

Not all debtors realize that the law allows them to verify that the debt alleged against them is legitimate. This right should not be overlooked. Clerical and court errors, outdated files, identity theft, a collector’s failure to verify who the debtor is, and numerous other mistakes can cause a debt to be incorrectly assigned to someone who doesn’t owe it.

If D. Scott Carruthers or his firm contact you about a debt, you have the right to request information such as the following

  • The balance you allegedly owe
  • The name and address of the original creditor
  • A statement notifying you that you have 30 days to dispute the debt

Contact A Debt Settlement Attorney About D. Scott Carruthers

If you are receiving harassing or threatening phone calls from D. Scott Carruthers, give The Fullman Firm a call. We can help you assert your rights under the FDCPA and other debtor protection laws.

Whether you’ve been sued or not, or even if a judgment has been entered against you and in favor of D. Scott Carruthers, it’s time to consider debt settlement as a possible solution. We know you want nothing more than to get a debt collector out of your life, so we’re here to help.

Debt settlement allows a debtor to negotiate a payoff amount that is lower than what is actually owed. However, you need a debt settlement law firm that understands the sort of tactics for which D. Scott Carruthers is notorious and that isn’t afraid to back down in defending you and your rights. Our law firm has settled countless debts for less than the balance owed, saving our clients time, money, and stress.

Let Us Help You Put Harassing Debt Collectors Behind You

Are you ready to stop the phone calls and letters from The Law Office of D. Scott Carruthers? Do you want to know how you can settle the debt you owe once and for all? Contact us today. We’re ready to work with you through your debt challenges today.