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FarMar Law Group, formerly known as Rory Clark Law Office, is a debt collection law firm located in southern California. If you have outstanding consumer debt and find yourself unable to pay it, you may soon be hearing from FarMar. Being targeted for debt collection is certainly stressful, but you do have options for dealing with it.

Reach out to the Fullman Firm. Even if you’ve already been sued or a judgment has been entered against you, debt settlement may be available to resolve your situation.

The Facts About FarMar Law Group

FarMar Law Group was formerly known as Rory Clark Law Group. It is a southern California debt collection law firm. That means not only does the company collect debts on outstanding accounts, but it also sues debtors. The firm is well-known for its aggressive tactics, which have sparked a number of complaints from debtors.

If you have an outstanding consumer credit card account or an unpaid medical bill, your debt may eventually be turned over to a third-party collector like FarMar. FarMar will attempt to collect on the account, and they may take legal action against you in the form of a lawsuit. As mentioned above, many debtors have complained that FarMar engages in unfair and potentially illegal debt collection behaviors, such as:

  • Harassing phone calls and other communications
  • Abusive and illegal debt collection tactics
  • Using false, misleading, or deceptive means to collect

What Rights Do I Have As A Debtor?

Debt collectors like FarMar frequently cross the line when it comes to their dealings with debtors. But debtors are protected by a federal law known as the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). The intent of the FDCPA is to prevent bullying and deceptive collection strategies, and a debtor can sue a collector for violating the law. Under the FDCPA, anyone who works for a debt collector like FarMar is prohibited from doing the following (among other things):

  • Raising his or her voice or threatening you
  • Using obscene or profane language against you
  • Calling at odd hours (e.g. after 9:00 in the evening)
  • Refusing to provide certain information to you about the debt
  • Impersonating law enforcement

The FDCPA covers phone calls, letters, and any other debt collection communications. In addition, the debtor has the right to verify that the debt in question is actually legitimate. That means if FarMar contacts you about your debt, you have the right to request information such as:

  • The amount of the debt you allegedly owe
  • The name and address of the original creditor
  • A statement informing you that you have 30 days to dispute the debt

The right to receive this information is an important protection for debtors. Outdated files, clerical errors, identity theft, and many other mistakes routinely cause mix-ups. In turn, many debtors mistakenly pay on accounts that aren’t even theirs.

What Should I Expect From FarMar Law Group?

Collection letters and phone calls are just the beginning. At some point, FarMar will probably file a lawsuit against you to demand the amount you owe.

You do have the right to assert any legal defenses you have, and you can also take action if FarMar violates the FDCPA. But assuming you actually owe the debt, and that FarMar hasn’t violated the law, you don’t have many options for fighting the lawsuit. That means FarMar will likely obtain a judgment against you for the amount demanded.

A court judgment entitles the debt collector to take additional action to get money from you. For example, a judgment allows FarMar to garnish your wages, seize funds from your bank account, or put a lien on your property. If you ignore the lawsuit, FarMar will simply go to court anyway and obtain a default judgment.

Why Should I Consider Debt Settlement?

Even if you’ve already had a court judgment entered against you, debt settlement may be a viable option for getting rid of your debt once and for all. Keep in mind that sending collection letters, filing lawsuits, and even collecting on judgments is time-consuming and expensive. Debt collectors like FarMar would prefer to save money and hassle by collecting as much as they can from debtors. They also realize there’s a good chance that they won’t collect everything they are owed and will have to struggle with the debtor even if they win in court.

Fortunately for the debtor, this provides some leverage. And that’s where debt settlement comes in. Working with a debt settlement attorney, you can negotiate a payoff amount that is lower than what you actually owe. Debt settlement requires time, patience, and strategy. It also requires someone who is experienced negotiating debts with companies like FarMar. The Fullman Firm is ready to help you.

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Our goal is to save debtors money by settling their debts for less than what they actually owe. We also assist debtors whose rights have been violated by unethical and abusive debt collectors. If you’ve received phone calls or letters from FarMar, let’s discuss your options for settling the debt. Call the Fullman Firm today.