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Act Now to Remove or Settle Your Judgment Lien

Debt collectors file lawsuits to get judgments and then put a judgment lien on your property.  Often they do not give proper notice.  

If you wait until the last minute to sell or refinance your home, they can block you and demand full payment!  With interest and fees added every year, some collectors demand three times the original debt. Act now to remove or settle the judgment lien and save money!

Our attorneys have removed hundreds of judgment liens, many without any payment to the debt collector.

Judgment Lien documents you may have seen:

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I absolutely love The Fullman Firm!

Very professional and Sam Dehbozorgi is an absolute fighter against these junk debt buyers! If you are facing a significant lawsuit you must go with The Fullman Firm. When you get served immediately call them to get the best legal advice possible. These junk debt buyers are absolute crooks, and The Fullman Firm knows how to attack these crooked organizations. Without hesitation reach out so they could immediately answer the complaint. The Fullman Firm knows the legal process specifically for California consumer law.

— Marlon V.

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Some of Our Results:
Client Saved
Case Dismissed
Mountain Lion Acquisitions vs. Jose V.
Client Saved
Case Dismissed
American Express National Bank vs. Joaquin
Client Saved
Case Dismissed
Newman & Associates vs. Zachary B.
Client Saved
Case Dismissed
Cach LLC vs. Ericka L.
Client Saved
Case Dismissed
Farmers Insurance vs. Metal.

We charge a small flat fee and we only earn a profit if we are able to save you money. We are willing to put our money where our mouth is and put our skin in the game with you.


We are excited to announce a new payment option for our clients: ClientCredit. Powered by LawPay, ClientCredit is a flexible legal fee lending solution with no hidden fees and no surprises. CALL US now to discuss your options. Checking if you prequalify or applying for a loan through Affirm does NOT affect your credit. This allows you to hire us immediately to solve your debt problems, while giving you flexible repayment options.

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The Fullman Firm has helped clients beat creditors both big and small, such as:
Midland Funding
Hunt & Henriques
American Express
Zwicker & Associates
Patenaude & Felix
Harris & Zide
Portfolio Recovery
Rory Clark
Bank of America
FIA Card Services
Capital One
LVNV Funding
The Moore Law Group
Wells Fargo
Cach LLC
Suttell Hammer & White
Mountain Lion Acquisitions
D. Scott Carruthers
Mandarich Law Group
Zee Law Group
CIR Law Offices
Cavalry SPV / Calvarly Portfolio Services
Winn Law Group
National Collegiate Student Loan Trust
JH Portfolio Debt Equities, LLC
Gurstel Law Firm
Ford Motor Credit
Stop Wage Garnishments & Bank Levies
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