Professional and helped relieve the stress

I am writing this review on behalf of my father, who received the services. He is elderly, has health concerns, and was serviced for a lawsuit and had no idea what to do. We reached out to The Fullman Firm and Alec explained everything in detail. Alec was so professional and helped relieve the stress of being sued by going over each step and establishing us with an attorney. Sam was the attorney assigned to our case. I could not have asked for a better outcome. Within 2 weeks of hiring them, the debt of almost 10k, was totally eliminated and the case was closed. It really felt good to have this off our plate. It was very stressful not knowing what to do or what to expect. Thank you Fullman Firm for your help. If you ever need this service please call the Fullman Firm they ensure you are connected with a great attorney and paralegal to help you with your case.

I absolutely love The Fullman Firm!

Very professional and Sam Dehbozorgi is an absolute fighter against these junk debt buyers! If you are facing a significant lawsuit you must go with The Fullman Firm. When you get served immediately call them to get the best legal advice possible. These junk debt buyers are absolute crooks, and The Fullman Firm knows how to attack these crooked organizations. Without hesitation reach out so they could immediately answer the complaint. The Fullman Firm knows the legal process specifically for California consumer law. No joke they picked apart my specific case and took it to them with absolute professionalism and understanding of CA consumer law. The Fullman Firm is amazing and would absolutely have this law firm represent me anytime.

Everyone at The Fullman Firm is professional and Adam Fullman has an outstanding team and junk debt buyers beaware of the Fullman Firm!

Very professional and courteous.

I talked to Christopher about my case and he was very helpful and generous in giving me advice. Very professional and courteous.

Thank you for your help.

Experienced and empathetic group of people. Thank you for your help. I would definitely recommend them.

I am so grateful and thankful to Sam

I found the Fullman Firm online and within minutes of reaching out I was connected to Sam Dehbozorgi. My bank account had been levied by a company I had never heard of saying I owed them over $24,000! They also levied my mom’s account and had taken over $2,000 from her savings. She is a disabled senior on social security. Sam was very thorough and took the time to explain everything to me including how to dispute the levy on my mom’s account. He took notes on everything and though he believed we would win, I thought it would take a while before any resolution could be made. Today (about 3 weeks later) he called me to tell me that the other company was vacating the judgement, giving us ALL the money back, and that it was over. I could not believe it! I hadn’t even been able to provide the documents Sam requested as I had a sudden death in my family. Sam just took everything he did have and worked some serious magic. I am so grateful and thankful to Sam and everyone on his team that made this so simple. If I ever hear of anyone in a similar situation, I will not hesitate to refer Sam and the Fullman Firm to them. Thank you all so, so much!!!

Cant recommend them enough!

The most professional, honest and responsible people. They helped me deal with Hunt and Henriques collectors, preparing all necessary documents for the court and settling the account in shortest time possible!
Special thanks to Joseph Montoya, who is always prompt with responses, very informative, helpful and extremely politeTheir prices are very affordable and fair and there were no hidden fees or other unpleasant surprises.
I was pleasantly surprised how efficient and professional these guys are. Cant recommend them enough! Thank you

Thank you very much Adam.

Just want to thank Adam for taking the time of his day to educate me and give me legal advise on $9,000 issue I had. Before I reached out to Adam I called other law firms but they were very pushy to come in and wouldn’t provide any information. Adam was able to not only give me advise over the phone but was able to help me resolve my issue. Thank you very much Adam.

I am ever grateful.

SUPERSTARS!!! I am so happy with The Fullman Firm. I can’t believe how easily everything went with them. I was lucky enough to get Sam Dehbozorgi for my attorney, along with his paralegal, Joseph, who is a dream. Sam spent a good amount of time on two separate calls with me even before I signed up. Super generous. Everyone I dealt with at the firm was top of their game, very polite and personable. It was a great experience. Sam made everything better in what seemed like 10 minutes. (I know he worked hard for me, but really, it was very smooth as a client.) Believe me, you want these guys in your corner. I am ever grateful. Thank you, Sam!

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