Thanks everybody

As soon as I called The Fullman Firm, Jospeh, the paralegal answered. He was so knowledgeable and was able to sign me up immediately with DocuSign. I was even able to make the payment through the DocuSign so they can start immediately. It was a quick resolution with great results. Thanks everybody at the form in firm. God bless you.

made me feel like a very important client

I contacted a few Law Firms and finally chose Fullman Firm. They way they greeted me made me feel like a very important client. I am very grateful for their excellent job and their professionalism. Would always go back to this firm should I have any attorney related needs.

These guys are the best!

These guys are the best! I spoke to 5 lawyers and their understanding of this area of the law is bar far more than anyone else I spoke to

Very knowledgeable

Sam defended me on a Citi Bank debt and was able to get the case completely dismissed. Very impressed.

Amazing firm!

Amazing firm! I contacted this firm online for guidance. Not only did they respond, they called and had me come in with my documents to help me understand what they meant. I was given honest advice that will truly benefit me and help my future. I recommend this law firm wholeheartedly and will use them again if I ever need help again

The Fullman Firm did an excellent job

The Fullman Firm did an excellent job of solving my credit card problem. They also uncovered inconsistencies in my case.I recommend them very highly mlm

It was awesome!

This firm really knows what they are doing! We got served by hunt and henriques who were representing profolio recovery. Our case was supposed to be a slam dunk for The creditors because my husband had mistakenly admitted to them that he owed the debt. We were extremely stressed over it, and having a special needs son made it ten times worse. We hired the fullman firm and it was the best thing I could have done. fullman They told us we needed to expect to pay at least half of what we owed. Well, the day after our trial readiness conference, h&h dropped the lawsuit and case was dismissed. I don’t know exactly what fullman did to get such good results, but all I know is that we saved almost 16,000$!! it was awesome!!

I highly recommend the Fullman Firm

Total Rock Stars !!!
The Fullman Firm got the debt judgement against me completely dismissed, and I will be getting my garnished wages returned to me.
The Fullman Firm did a great job with my case – they were friendly, supportive, informative, and professional.
I highly recommend the Fullman Firm, and I shall turn to them again in the future, if I have another legal/debt problem.

He gave me great advice

I have a Levy that was placed on my bank account for something that happened in 1999. My husband and I knew nothing about it and didn’t know what to do. After speaking with the law firm that was suing us, come to find out, we never received anything for one, the address they had was somewhere we never lived, 400 miles away. Feeling left out to hang, we found Fullman Firm. Because my debt was so low, Jeramy at Fullman, took the time to explain things to me and answered all my questions. They don’t take case below $7000.00. Which I understood, it would cost me more than the debt. He gave me great advice and I will be fighting these vultures on my own, no problem. Thanks Jeramy!!

truly appreciated

I had a unexpected challenge with a very old creditor. I called The Fullman Firm, and had the pleasure of speaking with Sam. Sam offered free advise so I could take care of the situation myself. He felt it was something I could handle with a little guidance on my own. He gave great direction at no cost, and it was truly appreciated. Thank you!

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