Have a Judgment Against You But You Were Not Given Notice?

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The Fullman Firm saved clients over $7 Million since 2015 alone

Nobody Knows More About Vacating Judgments


Vacate Default Judgment Service

Receiving a default judgment without prior notice may have been caused by a debt collector using the wrong address or simply lying to the Court about having given you notice.

When you did not respond to the lawsuit (because you did not really get notice), the court entered judgment against you.

Our Vacate Default Judgment service can prove that the debt collector used the wrong address, or that you were not home to receive notice, or that the imaginary “roommate” they claim to have served at your home does not exist.

Vacating a judgment immediately takes power away from the debt collector. Reverse liens, wage garnishments, or bank levies, or fight notice of renewal of judgment.* Then you can settle or defend the lawsuit and perhaps pay nothing to the debt collector.

Vacating a judgment takes power away from the debt collector and gives it to you.

*We’ll need at least 10 days to prepare our paperwork, so don’t delay. If you have received a notice of renewal of judgment you have 30 days to file paperwork fighting the judgment renewal.  Successfully fighting notice of renewal of judgment will allow the judgment to expire and may essentially end the debt.  Fighting notice of renewal of judgment requires our motion to vacate judgment service.


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Two Services To Choose From:


From $575

  • Leave the judgment in place but seek to prevent future wage garnishment, bank levy, or any judicial proceeding to collect on this judgment.  This should also prevent renewal of the judgment.
  • Put the debt collector at a serious disadvantage.
  • Either ignore the debt collector until the judgment expires or negotiate a good deal based on the collector’s weakened position.
  • If necessary, we can sue the debt collector for a damages (separate lawsuit service required).
  • This service applies to Consumer Debts Only.

From $1,795, including court costs.

  • Vacate a judgment where service of the lawsuit Summons was false or you did not receive notice of the lawsuit in time to respond.  If service of the Summons is false we can do this even if the judgment is more than 2 years old.
  • If successful, all money taken from you by bank levy or wage garnishment can be returned.
  • Re-open the case so that you can defend the lawsuit and try to win or settle the debt as an unproven claim.
  • We will prepare the Motion to Vacate Judgment and file it with the Court.
  • We will deal with any Opposition from the other side.
  • We will argue the motion in Court.  You usually do not have appear at the hearing.
  • We know more about vacating judgments than a common lawyer.  Our attorneys argue and win dozens of these motions per year.



Over $7 Million Saved Since 2015

We have saved our clients over $7 million since 2015 alone through our vast experience and dogged determination. Our clients have paid collectors nothing, or settled for far less; had garnishments, liens and bank levies removed; and had default judgments removed. About 30% of our Lawsuit Defense clients pay nothing to debt purchasers.

Affordable Solutions

We specialize in hard-nosed, customized debt-relief solutions at affordable rates. Our Lawsuit Defense services start at $169 a month. We fight default judgments for as little as $745. Debt settlement starts at just $595, plus 7% of the amount we save you.

California’s Top Debt Relief Law Firm

The Fullman Firm is a law firm specializing in lawsuit and default judgment defense, debt settlement, and bankruptcy. We have helped our clients beat Midland Funding, Hunt & Henriques, Citibank, American Express, Zwicker & Assoc., Patenaude & Felix, Harris & Zide, Portfolio Recovery, Rory Clark, Legal Recovery Law Group, Bank of America, FIA Card Services, Capital One, LVNV, The Moore Law Group, Wells Fargo, Michael Sipes, CACH LLC, Suttell Hammer & White, Mountain Lion Acquisitions, D. Scott Carruthers, Persolve, Mandarich Law Group, Zee Law Group, CIR Law Offices, Cavalry SPV, GCFS, Winn Law Group, National Collegiate, and many more.

Nobody Knows More About Vacating Judgments

Do you have a judgement against you, but you were not given notice? This may have been caused by a debt collector using the wrong address to give you notice, or lying to the Court about giving you notice. When you did not respond to the lawsuit (because you did not really get notice), the court entered judgment against you. The good news is, we can help you stop enforcement of the judgment or have it vacated altogether. And nobody vacates more default judgments than The Fullman Firm.


What Our Clients Say...


"The Discover Banksters claimed I owed them over $17,000. After six months of legal preparation, I didn't even have to appear at trial. We were so relieved when I got the call telling us the case had been dismissed, my wife and I were able to get on with our lives." - G.R.


"I want to thank The Fullman Firm for the excellent work done... By the time I had contacted The Fullman Firm, I was feeling very defeated...I was facing a garnishment from a judgment that had happened almost 11 years ago. The two previous lawyers I had consulted with recommended against me fighting the judgment and were only interested in charging to assist me in filling bankruptcy. Thanks to The Fullman Firm, I was able to get the necessary information to make the right decision. The garnishment was stopped, the case has been dismissed, and I have been refunded the money being withheld. I cannot express enough my gratitude to The Fullman Firm for not only giving me hope at a time when I had very little, but also standing by my side and helping me resolve what other lawyers told me was a losing situation. I am so very thankful for the peace of mind I now have." –T.P.

Holiday Bonus: Client Saves $13,000

"After many months of receiving those dreaded phone calls and letters from debt collectors, and worrying about them ruining my life, I stumbled upon the FULLMAN FIRM. At first I thought their services must be too good to be true, but I gave it a shot. Ryan was extremely nice, and made the whole process seem very easy. And, just yesterday, it all paid off, when Portfolio Recovery Associates dropped a lawsuit in which they claimed I owed them over $13,000! What a great holiday gift! Thanks to Ryan and all the staff at the FULLMAN FIRM-- I am so glad I found you!" - D.N.


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