Vacate Default Judgment Service

Receiving a default judgment without prior notice may have been caused by a debt collector using the wrong address or simply lying to the Court about having given you notice.

When you did not respond to the lawsuit (because you did not really get notice), the court entered judgment against you.

Our Vacate Default Judgment service can prove that the debt collector used the wrong address, or that you were not home to receive notice, or that the imaginary “roommate” they claim to have served at your home does not exist.

Vacating a judgment immediately takes power away from the debt collector. Reverse liens, wage garnishments, or bank levies, or fight notice of renewal of judgment.* Then you can settle or defend the lawsuit and perhaps pay nothing to the debt collector.

Vacating a judgment takes power away from the debt collector and gives it to you.

*We’ll need at least 10 days to prepare our paperwork, so don’t delay. If you have received a notice of renewal of judgment you have 30 days to file paperwork fighting the judgment renewal.  Successfully fighting notice of renewal of judgment will allow the judgment to expire and may essentially end the debt.  Fighting notice of renewal of judgment requires our motion to vacate judgment service.