Why You Should Choose An Attorney

If you’re struggling to pay your debts, you might be thinking about calling a debt settlement company. Before you do, contact the debt settlement attorney at Fullman Firm instead. We are a leading consumer protection and credit defense practice serving California residents. Backed by 40 years of combined experience, we are well-known for helping our clients resolve their debt problems. When you work with our legal team, you will have peace of mind knowing debt relief is on the way.

What You Need to Know About Debt Settlement Companies in California

You’ve probably seen advertisements by debt settlement companies making promises to settle debts for pennies on the dollar. Like the saying goes, however, ‘if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

When you work with a debt settlement company, you make payments to them, not your creditors. Then, the company is supposed to negotiate a settlement with your creditors. The debt settlement company pools that money into an account which will be used to make lump sum payments to your creditors. But the company will also deduct a monthly fee from your payment. They will likely charge you other fees, such as a set-up fee, as well as a contingency fee based on a percentage of the amount you “save” after settling the debts.

If you stop making payments to your creditors, however, they will charge additional late fees and interest. Debt settlement companies typically don’t tell you about this. What’s more, these companies won’t mention that your creditors don’t have to agree to settle. In fact, some creditors will not even negotiate with a debt settlement company and just file a lawsuit in the hope of winning a default judgment, garnishing your wages and seizing your bank accounts. A debt settlement company cannot defend you against a lawsuit. On the other hand, the Fullman Firm is a full-service law firm that can defend you in court and Creditors know this very well.

In the end, debt settlement companies may seem like they can help, but they’re not concerned about your debt problems. They’re in it to make money off of your problems.

Of course, you could try to contact your creditors to work out a deal on your own, but when creditors know you have an attorney, they are more likely to come to the bargaining table, rather than risk battling it out with an attorney in court.

How Our Debt Settlement Attorney Can Help

When you consult with our credit defense attorneys, we will explore all your debt relief options. These include:

  • Debt settlement
  • Debt collection lawsuit defense
  • Setting aside default judgment
  • Stopping wage garnishment and bank levies
  • Removing liens from your home and other properties
  • And much much more

Again, creditors are not required to settle, but they may be more willing to do so if you have an attorney on your side. If a creditor decides to sue you, it is crucial to have an attorney defend you against the lawsuit.

Also, when you are struggling with debt, credit card companies, lenders, and debt collection agencies will contact you at home in an attempt to collect the debt. If they violate the law, such as the Rosenthal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, as they often do, we can file a lawsuit and help you recover damages. When a creditor is hit with a lawsuit, they may also be more willing to negotiate a settlement.

Contact Our Experienced California Credit Defense Attorney

When you have a choice between working with a debt settlement company or the Fullman Firm, choose our credit defense lawyers. Attorneys are held to very high standards: all lawyers have an obligation to put their clients’ best interests first.

A debt settlement company will probably convince you to settle the debt, even if that may not be your best option. Remember, like any business, debt settlement companies put profits ahead of people. In addition, some debt settlement companies are not very honest. They may take your money, promise to negotiate a settlement and fail to follow through.
At Fullman Firm, we know how to make the law work for you. We truly understand how difficult it is not being able to pay your debts, which is why we offer flat fees and affordable payment plans. The sooner you contact our office, the sooner we can come up with a debt relief plan.