California Barclays Bank Debt Settlement Attorney

Is Barclays Bank calling you or mailing you letters about an old credit card debt? Has the bank filed a lawsuit against you? No one likes to be on the receiving end of debt collection. It may seem like your only options are to pay the full amount being demanded or risk aggressive collection tactics like wage garnishment and property liens. But there’s a third option: debt settlement.

If you’re tired of being harassed by debt collectors and lawyers, The Fullman Firm is ready to negotiate a debt settlement that will save you money and put Barclays Bank out of your life once and for all. It all starts with a consultation, which we can schedule with you today.

Why Is Barclays Bank Coming After Me?

This bank regularly issues consumer credit cards. But when debtors can’t pay, they may find themselves receiving annoying phone calls and letters demanding the full balance. The bank is unsympathetic to whatever circumstances may have caused you to default on your credit card payments. Eventually, the bank will file a lawsuit against you to demand not only the balance but lawyer fees and court costs, too.

What Should I Expect If Barclays Bank Sues Me?

If phone calls and letters don’t get your attention, you will probably be served with a lawsuit. There are two main parts to a debt collection lawsuit, the complaint, and the summons. The complaint contains the factual allegations against you, such as your name and the amount you owe on the credit card. Meanwhile, the summons essentially instructs you to respond to the lawsuit. Once you are served, you will have 30 days to answer the lawsuit by filing your proper legal response with the court.

Some debtors make the mistake of intentionally avoiding process servers, believing that if they evade service long enough the creditor will go away. But Barclays Bank is aggressive when it comes to taking legal action. They understand how to effectuate service against debtors and have numerous options for doing so. Avoiding service will only delay the inevitable and make your total balance higher through interest, attorney fees, and other charges.

The first thing you should do once you’ve been served with court papers is to review their contents for any errors. Perhaps the stated amount of the credit card balance is inaccurate. You may not even be the debtor that Barclays Bank is going after. Every year, countless individuals pay debts they don’t even owe. The bank may have you confused with the actual account holder, especially if you have a common name or you reside where the debtor used to live. If you notice any errors, contact an attorney immediately.

What If I Just Ignore the Lawsuit?

Not everyone takes debt collection lawsuits seriously. You may believe that Barclays Bank won’t spend the time, money, or effort trying to track you down and collect from you, even after you’ve been served with a lawsuit. But a lawsuit is really just the beginning. The bank’s ultimate goal is to obtain a judgment against you that can be used to actually make good on its demand for money. Armed with a judgment, the bank can take money directly from your bank account, garnish your wages, place a lien on your property, and use other means.

If you ignore the lawsuit and skip the court date, you will only make it easier for Barclays Bank to take these actions. The bank will go to court and ask the judge for a default judgment, which can be used to accomplish the same objectives listed above. It is especially not a good idea to ignore the lawsuit if there’s an error in the summons or complaint.

If you actually owe the money that Barclays Bank is demanding from you, a judgment will eventually be entered. This may seem like you have no choice but to pay the full balance or hope the bank cannot find your property or your bank accounts (which it will be able to do). But you have another solution available: debt settlement.

How Does Debt Settlement Work?

Barclays Bank will spend money to come after you, but the bank would prefer to spend as little as possible. Even if you own property or have several bank accounts, there’s a process involved. The bank has to sue you, serve you, go to court, obtain a judgment, and then enforce the judgment. If the bank can get something in the way of payment sooner rather than later – even if it’s not the full amount – that’s a win for them. This is where debt settlement offers you a potential advantage.

With debt settlement, you end up paying less money than you actually owe. The bank gets paid something, knowing it won’t receive everything it wants, but also understanding it won’t have to spend additional resources going after you. In exchange for the lower payoff, Barclays Bank agrees to waive the remaining balance.

Your best option is to make a lump sum offer sooner rather than later. But even if you cannot make a lump sum payment, debt settlement can still work in your favor. The Fullman Firm has successfully negotiated numerous debt settlements that save our clients money, time, and stress. We know how to effectively negotiate and work out a settlement that is enforceable and will satisfy Barclays Bank.

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