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Mandarich Law Group represents businesses that buy consumer debt accounts for pennies on the dollar. This law firm aggressively pursues the original debtors to collect as much as they can. Although it may be intimidating to be contacted by debt collection lawyers, the good news is you’re not alone. You have the right to retain your own attorney who can negotiate a debt settlement that can save you substantial sums of money. The Fullman Firm is ready to work for you.

The Basics About Mandarich Law Group

The original creditors of old consumer debt accounts usually don’t want to bother trying to collect, or they simply don’t have the resources to do so. Debt buyers are in the business of purchasing these accounts for much less than they are actually worth. This gives them an incentive to maximize their returns by collecting as much as possible from the original debtor. Mandarich Law Group represents these debt buyers.

Mandarich is known to use aggressive, and perhaps even unethical and illegal debt collection tactics to collect on behalf of their clients. These tactics may include:

  • Harassing and intimidating debtors
  • Calling debtors at inappropriate times of day
  • Sending threatening communications to debtors
  • Attempting to collect money from people who don’t owe it

These and other collection efforts have resulted in numerous debtor complaints being filed against Mandarich. That’s where the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) comes in.

Your Rights As A Debtor

The FDCPA, along with consumer protections under state law, prevents debt collectors from using certain tactics to collect on debts. This includes the Mandarich Law Group. More specifically, these laws forbid debt collectors from the following: 

  • Calling debtors at unreasonable hours of the day
  • Calling debtors at work after the debtor has asked them to not do so
  • Using profanity, obscenities, or threats over the phone
  • Threatening to have a debtor arrested because of a debt
  • Discussing a debt with the debtor’s co-workers
  • Failing to properly identify themselves as debt collectors

If Mandarich Sues Me, Then What?

Aside from disreputable debt collection methods, Mandarich will almost certainly sue you if you refuse to pay what the law firm demands. So what happens if you get sued? First, you will be served with a complaint and summons. The complaint contains allegations made against you over the debt that Mandarich claims you owe. It will include details such as your identity and the account balance.

It’s important to carefully review the complaint because many innocent people are sued for debts they don’t even owe. Your name may be similar to someone else’s, or the balance claimed may be significantly higher than it actually is. Either way, read the complaint and note any errors.

The summons, meanwhile, is a court document telling you to answer the lawsuit. Debtors usually have 30 days after being served with the complaint and summons to answer. Filing an answer with the court is something best left to a knowledgeable attorney because you may have legal defenses and there are procedural rules for properly filing and serving the answer.

Can’t I Just Avoid Service Of The Complaint?

A common misconception is that if you continually evade service of court papers, the plaintiff will eventually give up. But there is little chance that Mandarich will do this. Plus, there are alternative methods for effectuating service when defendants are hard to locate. As a law firm, Mandarich is well-versed in these methods and will find a way to have you served.

What Happens If Mandarich Law Group Obtains A Judgment Against Me?

Eventually, if you do not get help from a professional, your case will be heard in court and the judge will likely issue a judgment for the amount claimed by Mandarich, plus interest, court fees, and lawyer fees. Judgments can be enforced in many ways. For instance, Mandarich may seize money from your bank account, garnish your wages, or place a lien on your property.

Fortunately, a lawsuit or even a judgment entered against you doesn’t mean you have no options but to pay what the judge orders. Debt settlement may be a solution.

Making Debt Settlement Work For You

If Mandarich is harassing or suing you over old debt, it’s time to act. It begins with a debt settlement strategy. Debt settlement allows a debtor to negotiate with a collector such as Mandarich Law Group to pay less than what is owed. It’s an option at any stage of collections, from phone calls and letters to litigation and judgments. You will have more negotiating power if you act early, however, so debt settlement is something to consider today.

With debt settlement, a debtor will typically offer a lump sum payment that’s less than the balance owed. In exchange, the collector agrees to forego the rest of the balance and to stop trying to collect from you. It’s important to have experienced legal counsel negotiate on your behalf. Not only will a skilled attorney understand the right amount to offer, but your lawyer will know how to actually settle the debt once and for all so Mandarich can never bother you about it again.

Many collectors attempt to trick debtors into thinking they’ve settled their accounts, only to find a legal loophole that allows them to come back later. For example, some debtors negotiate with collectors over the phone. The collector “accepts” the settlement that’s reached – along with the debtor’s payment – but there’s zero proof of a settlement. The collector can simply claim the payment was made towards the balance, and the remaining amount is still owed.

It’s Time To Get Mandarich Law Group Out Of Your Life

The Fullman Firm is well aware of these and other tricks, but we also know how to use debt settlement to save our clients money, time, and stress. If you’re tired of dealing with Mandarich Law Group and other collectors, let us begin developing your debt settlement strategy. Call us today to get started.