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Persolve is a name you’ve probably never heard of, unless you are a debtor. This debt collector is aggressive when it comes to pursuing those they claim owe money on unpaid consumer credit accounts. And if you’re caught in Persolve’s crosshairs, there’s a good chance the company won’t leave you alone unless you pay. What’s worse, you will probably end up in court. If this sounds like you, you may need to speak with a debt collector lawyer

But it doesn’t have to be this way, thanks to a tool known as debt settlement. Using debt settlement, you may be able to pay off the debt you owe Persolve for a fraction of the actual balance. What’s more, debt settlement is available even if Persolve has sued you or obtained a judgment against you. A call to The Fullman Firm can get you started today.

Who Is Persolve, LLC?

Persolve calls itself a “full service legal recovery and collection firm.” That’s a fancy way of saying debt collector. The company focuses its efforts primarily on credit card, household, and consumer debts. It’s headquartered in Northridge, California, and makes it clear on its website that it will use litigation to get debtors to pay.

The company has been accused multiple times of using false, deceptive, and misleading means to attempt to collect on debts. Debtors have also reported being harassed, intimidated, and even threatened by Persolve.

What Are Your Rights As A Debtor?

Companies like Persolve skirt or outright violate the law with their collection practices. But debtors may not realize they have rights under various state and federal laws. A debt collector cannot use harassing, intimidating, or predatory means to attempt to collect a debt from you. That means they are legally prohibited from:

  • Calling you at unreasonable hours of the day and night
  • Calling you at work after you’ve asked them to not do so
  • Using profanity or obscenities over the phone
  • Discussing your debt with your co-workers
  • Failing to identify themselves as debt collectors
  • Threatening to have you arrested over your debt

You have the right to verify certain information about the debt you allegedly owe, including:

  • The identity (name and address) of the original debtor
  • The balance that is allegedly owed
  • A statement informing you of the right to dispute the debt within 30 days

What If Persolve’s Debt Collector Lawyer Sues Me?

If Persolve sues you, which is likely to happen, you will receive a summons and complaint. The complaint contains factual allegations concerning you and the debt, such as your identity and the amount you supposedly owe. Surprisingly, many innocent individuals are sued every year for debts that aren’t theirs. So be sure to read the complaint and make note of any errors.

The summons is a court document that orders you to respond to the lawsuit. Typically, debtors have 30 days to answer after being served. This is a step that an attorney should handle to ensure you follow the necessary procedures and to properly assert whatever legal defenses you have.

Debtors sometimes attempt to evade service of court papers, thinking the plaintiff will eventually give up. Persolve and other debt collectors have been in the business long enough to know about these tactics. Their agents will either find you, lie to the court about finding you, or ask for a judgment after posting a notice in a newspaper which you won’t see.  Avoiding the lawsuit is not the answer to the problem.  

What If Persolve’s Debt Collector Lawyer Gets A Judgment Against Me?

If Persolve obtains a judgment against you for the debt you allegedly owe, that is just the start of your legal and financial problems. The company can then take further steps to collect on the judgment, such as placing a lien on your property, seizing money from your bank account, or garnishing your wages. By the way, if you ignore a lawsuit, that just makes it easier for Persolve to get a judgment for the full amount they claim you owe.

But a lawsuit, or even a court judgment, isn’t necessarily the final word. This is where debt settlement comes in.

How Debt Settlement Can Make Persolve Go Away

Trying to avoid service of court papers or failing to show up in court won’t make Persolve leave you alone. If you legitimately owe the debt, the fact is that you will end up paying something. But that doesn’t mean you will necessarily have to pay the full amount claimed against you.

Debt settlement allows a debtor to negotiate with a collector like Persolve to pay only a fraction of what is owed. It’s available to you whether you are receiving phone calls and letters from Persolve or whether the company has filed a lawsuit against you. Debt settlement may even be an option if a judgment has been entered against you. However, the best way to handle Persolve is to take action much sooner than this.

The typical approach to debt settlement involves making a lump sum payment for less than the amount owed, in exchange for Persolve agreeing to accept this amount and go away. But debt settlement is not something you should attempt without experienced legal counsel. The Fullman Firm has represented countless debtors, so we know the tricks that collectors often use.

For instance, some debtors will call the debt collector lawyer and make a deal over the phone to pay less than what they owe. The company “accepts” the deal – and your payment – but then comes back later claiming you still owe. You’ve got no proof of the earlier deal, so you’re stuck still owing the collector.

We know how to accomplish a debt settlement agreement that saves you money and protects your rights. We are experienced negotiators who have saved debtors money, time, and stress by settling their accounts once and for all.

Put Persolve Behind You Today

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