California Moore Law Group Debt Settlement Attorney

The Moore Law Group is a law firm and debt collector that represents creditors and debt purchasers. Although most employees are not attorneys, the legal knowledge possessed by The Moore Law Group can make it an intimidating collector to deal with. This is in addition to standard collection tactics the company uses. But being a law firm does not make a debt collector ethical, nor does it mean its collection activities are valid. Indeed, The Moore Law Group has been accused of dishonest business practices, inaccuracies, and other troubling behavior.

Have you been contacted or sued by The Moore Law Group? You don’t have to take them on by yourself. The Fullman Firm helps debtors settle their accounts once and for all so they can move on with their lives. Let us show you how we can help.

What To Know About The Moore Law Group

As a debt collector, The Moore Law Group uses typical collection activities such as sending letters and making phone calls. As a law firm, however, The Moore Law Group files lawsuits when needed to compel debtors to pay what they allegedly owe. That means if you have already been contacted in some way by this firm, you will likely be sued at some point.

Debtors have filed complaints against The Moore Law Group, accusing the collector of various illegal, unethical, and oppressive debt collection practices. Those include:

  • Harassment
  • Failure to credit accounts with previous payments made by the debtor
  • Using deceptive, false, and misleading means to collect
  • Misrepresenting the nature or amount of the debt
  • Trying to collect amounts not owed

What Happens If I’m Sued By the Moore Law Group?

As mentioned above, there’s a good chance The Moore Law Group will sue you if its collection efforts are not effective. That means you can expect calls and letters to eventually escalate to a lawsuit.

Debt collection lawsuits begin with filing a complaint. The complaint will contain important allegations concerning the debt you allegedly owe, allegations that may or may not be true. They will effectuate the service of the complaint upon you, along with a summons. The summons is a document that informs you that you’ve been sued and need to respond. Usually, debtors will have 30 days to answer the lawsuit.

What If I Try To Dodge Legal Service Or Ignore The Lawsuit?

Some debtors assume they can put off their legal troubles indefinitely by intentionally refusing to be served with court papers. This is a mistake. The Moore Law Group has process servers whose job is to find creative (albeit legal) ways to serve debtors. Even if you somehow manage to avoid being served, there are alternative methods for effectuating legal service against you.

Another common myth is that by ignoring the lawsuit it will go away because the plaintiff won’t be able to go to court without the defendant’s (debtor’s) involvement. This isn’t true; in fact, all this does is make it easier for the collector to win. If you don’t file a response to the lawsuit and don’t go to court after being properly served, they can simply obtain a default judgment against you. That judgment can be used to seize money from your bank accounts, garnish your wages, and more.

What To Do After Being Served With The Lawsuit

You should avail yourself of all legal rights you have, including the right to file an answer to the complaint. Be sure to do so within 30 days to avoid a default judgment.

Although filing an answer is your right, and you should assert any defenses you have, there’s a good chance it won’t fix the problem. Certainly, file an answer if the debt alleged against you isn’t yours, the debt amount stated in the complaint isn’t accurate, or there are other mistakes. Let an attorney assist with this process. But be aware that if you legitimately owe the debt, filing an answer probably won’t prevent The Moore Law Group from winning a judgment against you.

This is where debt settlement comes in.

How Can Debt Settlement Help You?

Even if you have been sued, or a judgment has been entered against you, debt settlement may be an option that can save you significant sums of money. You should certainly consider debt settlement if you haven’t yet been sued, but have been merely contacted by The Moore Law Group.

With debt settlement, you can negotiate a payoff amount with The Moore Law Group that may be substantially less than what you actually owe. Typically, the offer of a lump sum payment will increase your chances of settling for less. Debt settlement is often beneficial to the collector as well because even after winning a judgment it costs time and money to collect. Many creditors would rather settle to get whatever they can.

The Fullman Firm has dealt with The Moore Law Group. We understand their tactics and we know how to effectively settle debts for less than our clients owe. Debt settlement takes time, and it takes a thorough understanding of the arguments and strategies that debt collectors use to get what they want. We’re experienced and ready to serve you.

A Legal Partner You Can Count On

Debt is stressful, but the Fullman Firm is here to advocate for you. We will review the legal or collection papers you have received, explain your options, and then get to work negotiating a settlement you can live with. It’s time to put debt behind you. If you’re tired of being contacted by The Moore Law Group, reach out to us today.