California Mountain Lion Acquisitions Debt Settlement Lawyer

Mountain Lion Acquisitions is a debt buyer that routinely retains lawyers to aggressively pursue debtors. If you’ve been contacted by this company, there’s a strong possibility you will eventually be sued. Any sort of collection activity is stressful, and adding the threat of a lawsuit only makes it more so. Have you been contacted by Mountain Lion or its attorneys? Are you unsure what to do next?

Debt settlement is a possible solution that can save you significant sums of money. You don’t have to take on Mountain Lion and its lawyers by yourself. Let The Fullman Firm go to work for you and negotiate a settlement for less than you owe.

The Facts About Mountain Lion Acquisitions

As a debt buyer, Mountain Lion Acquisitions purchases old consumer debts that have been charged off and then pursues the debtor. Mountain Lion buys these accounts for less than they are actually worth and then attempts to collect the full amount from the debtor. That means Mountain Lion has a profit incentive to get as much as it can from the debtor, which thereby increases its profits.

Mountain Lion will take legal action to get what it wants. It frequently retains law firms that will take aggressive and sometimes threatening actions against debtors. Both Mountain Lion and the attorneys it hires have been accused of unethical, dishonest, and illegal collection tactics. More specifically, they have allegedly done the following:

  • Sent threatening collection letters to debtors
  • Harassed debtors
  • Used unfair and unscrupulous collection strategies
  • Misrepresented the amounts allegedly owed by debtors
  • Made dishonest statements to debtors about their rights
  • Failed to provide certain disclosures to debtors as required by law

Together, Mountain Lion Acquisitions and its attorneys have been the subject of several lawsuits alleging these and other violations of California fair debt collection laws.

If Mountain Lion Acquisitions Sues Me, What Should I Expect?

Harassing letters and deceitful collection practices are bad enough. But a lawsuit can be just the start of serious legal and financial problems. If Mountain Lion has sued you, or you’ve otherwise been contacted by them or their lawyers, taking quick action can protect your rights and save you money and headaches.

A debt lawsuit consists of a complaint and summons. The complaint includes the factual allegations made against the debtor about what that person supposedly owes, including the debtor’s identity and the outstanding balance. The summons is the document that demands the debtor respond to the complaint. Generally, people named in lawsuits have 30 days to answer.

You may believe that attempting to dodge service of the complaint and summons will make it go away. The opposite is actually true because Mountain Lion and its attorneys will pursue you. If you evade service long enough, the law allows alternative means to effectuate service against you. Remember, law firms are familiar with debtors who don’t want to be sued, so they know how to accomplish service.

What Comes Next After Being Sued?

You should review the court papers you receive to check for any inaccuracies. First, make sure you are in fact the person named in the lawsuit. It’s surprisingly common how many debtors with similar names are wrongfully sued due to mistaken identity. Next, check the debt to see if you recognize it and the amount stated appears correct. By the time you get sued, there will likely be interest and late penalties attached, so factor those in.

Because you only have 30 days to respond to the lawsuit, time is of the essence. You should answer the complaint to assert any legal defenses you have or to correct any mistakes. Having an attorney at this stage is critical to ensuring you do this correctly. If you don’t respond, Mountain Lion will obtain a default judgment against you. But assuming you really owe the debt, a judgment will likely be entered against you anyway. The judgment amount will include other sums of money such as attorney’s fees, court costs, and interest.

What Can Mountain Lion Do With A Judgment?

A judgment will allow Mountain Lion Acquisitions to collect the money it owes from you. This may be through wage garnishment, seizing funds in your bank account, placing a lien on your property, and other means. Mountain Lion and its lawyers are good at tracing debtors and their assets, and will not stop until they collect the full amount stated in the judgment.

What Can I Do To Make Them Stop?

If you legitimately owe the debt, you will have to pay something to Mountain Lion. The good news is that you can probably settle the debt for less than you really owe. Keep in mind that debt buyers like Mountain Lion usually purchase these accounts for pennies on the dollar. While they want to collect as much as they can, buyers are usually happy to get a fraction of what debtors owe. That’s where debt settlement comes in.

Debt settlement involves negotiating with Mountain Lion so you can make a lump-sum payment for less than the full balance. It is important to have an attorney who is skilled at these negotiations and knows how to deal with aggressive debt buyers and their lawyers. Even if you cannot make a large lump sum payment, you can still settle your debt with the aid of a seasoned debt settlement attorney. The Fullman Firm is here to work for you.

Put Mountain Lion Acquisitions And Their Lawyers Behind You

Don’t put up with the stress and harassment of debt for another day. If you cannot get out from under your debt and have been contacted by Mountain Lion or its attorneys, it’s time to take action. Contact The Fullman Firm to learn more about how debt settlement can give you a fresh start.