California Winn Law Group Debt Settlement Attorney

Has Winn Law Group contacted you about an old debt? Is this law firm threatening to take you to court, or have you actually been sued? There is a way for you to pay much less than what you owe. The solution is debt settlement. If you’re tired of being harassed by the Winn Law Group and you want to clear your debt, reach out to the Fullman Firm.

What You Need To Know About Winn Law Group

Winn Law Group is a debt collection law firm that represents banks and other financial institutions, credit card companies, debt buyers, credit unions, and automobile finance companies. What all of these businesses have in common is that when they can’t convince debtors to pay off old accounts, they retain Winn Law Group to go after the debtors.

This law firm is notorious for using questionable and perhaps illegal collection tactics against debtors, in violation of their rights under California and federal law. Debtors have complained that Winn Law Group has used such strategies as:

  • Threatening debtors with legal action that never happens
  • Using harassing, abusive, and intimidating collection methods
  • Using false, deceptive, and misleading means to try to collect
  • Not crediting debtors with payments they’ve made
  • Sending legal paperwork to the incorrect address
  • Intentionally hiring dishonest process servers to lie about serving debtors with legal papers

What Rights Do You Have As A Debtor?

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), along with state laws, makes it illegal for debt collectors to engage in misleading, deceptive and harassing collection tactics. Those laws even apply to law firms like Winn Law Group. These are some of the behaviors that debt collectors are prohibited from engaging in:

  • Cursing or yelling at debtors over the phone
  • Using threats and obscenities in communications with debtors
  • Calling debtors too early in the morning or too late at night
  • Contacting debtors at work after being told not to
  • Failing to properly identify themselves as debt collectors
  • Threatening to have a debtor arrested because of a debt
  • Discussing a debt with the debtor’s co-workers

If Winn Law Group has violated your rights, we can help you take legal action against them. You may be eligible for substantial damages and other relief.

Will Winn Law Group Sue Me?

As mentioned above, Winn Law Group has been known to falsely threaten legal action. However, there’s a good chance the firm will eventually sue you if you refuse to or cannot pay the debt.

A lawsuit starts with a summons and complaint. The summons orders you, the debtor, to answer the complaint within 30 days. Meanwhile, the complaint is the substance of the lawsuit itself. It contains the factual allegations about the debt that Winn Law Group says you owe. For example, it will identify you and state the account balance.

Be sure to read over the complaint because it could contain errors. As an example, you may not even owe the debt but you might be served with a lawsuit because you share a similar name with the actual debtor. After reviewing the complaint and noting any errors, let an experienced attorney help you file an answer to the lawsuit.

Winn Law Group will likely hire a process server to serve the lawsuit on you. Many debtors believe they can avoid being served by never answering the door or fleeing from servers. But this only delays service of the court papers. There are other ways for them to effectuate service against you if necessary, so eventually, you will need to deal with the debt.

Is A Judgment Against Me The Last Step?

If you do not settle the case or get professional help, Winn Law Group will likely obtain a judgment against you. The judgment will include interest and attorney’s fees as well. Unfortunately, a judgment against you is only the beginning of what Winn Law Group can do to collect. The law firm can use the judgment to garnish your wages, seize money from your bank account, or place liens on your property.

But even if a lawsuit has been filed or a judgment has been entered against you, there are legal options for resolving the debt for less than you owe. It’s time to consider debt settlement.

How Debt Settlement Can Help

Debt settlement is a strategy that allows debtors to pay only a fraction of what they owe on debts so they can finally put debt collectors like Winn Law Group behind them. Usually, this involves offering a lump sum payment in exchange for them agreeing not to pursue you for more.

You should understand, however, that debt settlement is a rather complicated process that requires experience with how Winn Law Group operates. The company will push back and will pressure you for even more money. On top of that, many debt collectors are notorious for tricking debtors into falsely believing they’ve settled their old debts when in reality they haven’t.

For example, many collectors negotiate with debtors over the phone. The balance is “settled” and the debtor makes a payment for what he or she believes will resolve the debt once and for all. But without anything in writing, the collector can simply claim you owe the rest of the balance later.

Settle Your Debt Once And For All

Our law firm is well aware of these and other schemes. We know how to negotiate debt settlement strategies that not only save our clients money but will prevent collectors from ever trying to collect on the account again. That’s the level of service you can expect from the Fullman Firm. Schedule your confidential consultation with us now.