I am so grateful and thankful to Sam

I found the Fullman Firm online and within minutes of reaching out I was connected to Sam Dehbozorgi. My bank account had been levied by a company I had never heard of saying I owed them over $24,000! They also levied my mom’s account and had taken over $2,000 from her savings. She is a disabled senior on social security. Sam was very thorough and took the time to explain everything to me including how to dispute the levy on my mom’s account. He took notes on everything and though he believed we would win, I thought it would take a while before any resolution could be made. Today (about 3 weeks later) he called me to tell me that the other company was vacating the judgement, giving us ALL the money back, and that it was over. I could not believe it! I hadn’t even been able to provide the documents Sam requested as I had a sudden death in my family. Sam just took everything he did have and worked some serious magic. I am so grateful and thankful to Sam and everyone on his team that made this so simple. If I ever hear of anyone in a similar situation, I will not hesitate to refer Sam and the Fullman Firm to them. Thank you all so, so much!!!

— Shannon D.
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