Immediate results.

Hiring a lawyer is a high-stakes gamble that could result in a huge loss or a huge win. We thought the Fullman Firm’s “flat fee” program was worth risking, so we hired them. Within one week, they settled a very problematic debt that we couldn’t settle on our own (we tried) and the debt was a huge black mark on our credit and preventing us from buying a home. Fullman’s associate Atty went to bat immediately. We paid only a fraction of the debt to settle it, but we still PAID a decent amount. If you are trying to get out of a debt for free or plan to drag it out, I don’t know about those results or if that’s realistic. We were happy with our outcome and also felt their “5% bonus” structure was quite fair. We were given prompt attention, professional service, realistic advice and – most important to us: Immediate results.

— Regina
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