Thank you Sam and thank you Fullman Firm!

I can’t say anything but great things about my experience with The Fullman Firm. They are a godsend!
My wages were being garnished after some shady law firm bought a 8 year old debit that was supposedly under my name but was fraud. These people claimed I was served, but they served my father who I was named after. My dad had no way of knowing the paperwork was intended for me so he called these people to follow up, but no one ever got back to him. A judgement was granted to these people for almost $10K and as of this past April 25% of my checks were being garnished. Losing money fast, the only out I saw was to file for bankruptcy or settle on monthly payments, which killed me inside because this was not my debt. I have a newborn and with bills racking up, I just did not know where to go or what to do. I searched and searched on the internet and found Adam and his amazing firm. After my consultation, I now had hope that I had found the help I desperately needed. The attorney assigned to me was Sam and he is the MAN!! He made a strong case for us to present to the courts and was always available to answer any and all my questions. As my court date approached, I was confident Sam would knock it out of the park and yesterday he did just that. Not only did he win my case, but he got everything dismissed so that these people would never be able to come after me again. The cherry on top, Sam got the courts to order that all my garnished wages be returned to me within 30 days. I thanked Sam so many times yesterday, but I’ll do it one more time, Thank you Sam and thank you Fullman Firm!!

— Isaiah G.
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