They have gotten me the best results!

I have used The Fullman Firm twice now for lawsuits against me (long story, my bad luck) and BOTH times they have been amazing. First off, they are great about payment arrangements. Each time we worked out a monthly rate that was perfect for me. The first lawsuit they got dropped – woo hoo! They were an amazing team. And the second lawsuit they got a settlement for considerably less than I expected. The whole team is great and Sam was amazing. I cannot recommend them highly enough! They keep you aware and ‘in the loop’ the entire time, you are given options as to how you want your case handled — whether you want to do some of the work or have them do all of it. You have the web-portal to review documents, ask questions, see the progress…and they are always calling to run things by you when it is needed. It is just an amazing process and they have gotten me the best results!!!