This firm puts client service first

I was served at work with a Wage Garnishment on December 19, 2015, Merry Christmas, right? Once the shock wore off, I “Googled” the law firm that had sued me and the Fullman Firm came up right away. I called and Mr. Fullman returned my call within a very short time. He apologized because he was out “Christmas shopping for his staff” so I knew right away I had made the right choice. We discussed a few things and he told me what to do to get started. He also said someone would be in touch with me the next day. His staff contacted me by phone and email to request documents, etc to get going on my case. His associate contacted me a few days to let me know his plans, step by step. Long story short, the wage garnishment was withdrawn and I could not be happier. This firm keeps you apprised by email or the “My Case” website which allows clients to review their file at any time, just log in. I have worked in the legal industry for 25 years and can tell you this firm puts client service first and I highly recommend the Fullman Firm. If you are looking for help, give them a call. I know I am glad I did. Thank you!