A Note of Thanks from a Debt Defense Client (After We Beat Midland Funding)

When I received notice in the mail from Midland funding I was being sued for more than $18,000 from a previously charged off credit card I did not know which way to turn. I briefly considered trying to settle the debt on my own, but due to the large amount of the debt, I knew I would probably do much better with professional guidance. I was right. The Midland funding group were very difficult to negotiate with, and did not want to settle at all. If it were not for the persistence of Adam Fullman and his associate Christopher Peters, I would be paying the whole amount, or nearly the whole amount. They understood my needs and kept fighting for me, and kept me informed throughout the process. They also gave me realistic expectations. After the last hearing Christopher called to tell me we had won and I actually owed nothing!!! Our persistence had paid off!! I appreciate their time, effort, keeping me involved without unrealistic expectations. The result being better than expected, I suspect, is a testimony to how truly excellent they really are.