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Why You Shouldn’t Fight Your Debt Collection Lawsuit Without an Attorney

Most people’s first instinct after finding out they’ve been sued by a debt collection agency is to hire an attorney. Some people, however, decide to handle things themselves. This is rarely (if ever) a good idea. As we discuss below, if you’ve been sued by a debt collector in California, there are several reasons that you should hire a California debt collection lawsuit defense attorney to represent you in your lawsuit.

The Odds are Stacked Against You

When you attempt to handle your own debt collection lawsuit, you put yourself at a big disadvantage. Debt collection defense, like any other area of the law, requires special skills and knowledge. The debt collection agency that sued you has an attorney, and it’s very likely that he or she knows debt collection law inside and out. By hiring a debt collection lawsuit defense attorney, you level the playing field and give yourself a fighting chance at prevailing in your legal battle. 

The Information You Need to Succeed is Hard to Come By

If you decide to fight the debt collection agency alone, you’ll have to learn a lot about debt collection law quickly. Like most people, you’ll probably turn to the Internet for answers. And although the Internet contains some accurate information about this subject, you probably don’t have the legal knowledge to discern the good from the bad. If you rely on incorrect information when preparing your case, the debt collection agency will almost certainly prevail. 

You May Have Valid Defenses 

It’s quite likely that you have valid defenses to the debt collection agency’s lawsuit against you. And you may be surprised to learn that this is the case even if you believe you owe the debt in question. However, without a debt collection lawsuit defense attorney on your side, you’ll have a hard time identifying and asserting the appropriate defenses. 

You May Have Valid Counterclaims 

In addition to valid defenses, you may have valid counterclaims. What this essentially means is that you may be able to turn the tables on the debt collection agency and sue them. Unless you have a debt collection lawsuit defense attorney on your side, though, you’re unlikely to recognize opportunities to file counterclaims.

Lack of Objectivity

Finally, you are emotionally invested in your lawsuit. After all, it’s your money that’s on the line. A debt collection lawsuit defense attorney, on the other hand, will approach your case with the objectivity required to make informed, rational decisions. 

Contact Our Experienced California Debt Collection Lawsuit Defense Attorney 

If you have been sued by a debt collection agency, don’t try to fight the lawsuit yourself. If you’re serious about prevailing in your debt collection lawsuit, you need an experienced California debt collection lawsuit attorney on your side. At the Fullman Firm, we understand how debt collection agencies operate, and we want to put our skills to work in your defense. When you become our client, we will do everything in our power to defend you against the debt collection agency. Contact us today to speak with one of our experienced consumer protection and credit defense attorneys.