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Is There a Limit on How Many Times a Debt Collector Can Call Me?

Let’s face it: no one likes to receive phone calls from debt collectors. In addition to being annoying, debt collection calls can feel downright intrusive. But is there a limit to how many times a debt collector may call a consumer about a debt? In this article, we answer this question and discuss some of the restrictions the law places on debt collectors. 

Fair Debt Collection Practices Act 

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) is the primary law governing the behavior of debt collectors. Generally, the FDCPA applies only to debt collectors. However, in some cases, a debt buyer may have to comply with the FDCPA. In most cases, the FDCPA doesn’t regulate original creditors, although there are some exceptions to this rule. 

Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and Call Frequency

Unfortunately, the FDCPA doesn’t place a specific limit on the number of times a debt collector can call a consumer. However, it does place other restrictions on debt collectors. For example, the FDCPA addresses

  • When a debt collector is permitted call a consumer,
  • Whether a debt collector is permitted to call a consumer repeatedly, and
  • When a debt collector must cease calling a consumer

Debt Collection Phone Call Restrictions

The FDCPA was created to protect debtors from abusive and unfair debt collection practices. Although the FDCPA doesn’t place a specific cap on the number of times a debt collector can call someone, pursuant to a federal rule enacted in 2021, a debt collector is presumed to have violated federal law if it calls a particular consumer in connection with the collection of a particular debt in either of the following situations:

  • The debt collector calls the consumer more than seven times within seven consecutive days
  • The debt collector calls a consumer within seven consecutive days of having spoken on the telephone with the consumer about the debt 

These limitations apply to each specific debt—not per consumer. Therefore, if a consumer owes several debts to the same debt collector, the debt collector may call more often. 

State Laws and Debt Collection Phone Call Restrictions 

In addition to the protections afforded consumers by federal law, some states have laws that place other limits on the behavior of debt collectors. For information on the debt collection laws in your state, you should contact an experienced debt collection lawsuit defense attorney

Contact a California Debt Collection Lawsuit Defense Attorney 

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