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Steps to Take If You Were Sued by Cavalry SPV

If you’ve been sued by Cavalry SPV, you aren’t alone. In fact, suing consumers is part of Cavalry SPV’s business model. However, this doesn’t mean that you can fail to act upon receipt of a lawsuit from Cavalry SPV. If you do nothing after being served, the court will enter a default judgment in favor of the debt collector, and you will have to pay the amount that you allegedly owe. To avoid this outcome, it is important to take the correct steps following receipt of a Cavalry SPV lawsuit. In this article, we explain the steps to take if you were sued by Cavalry SPV.  

What Is Cavalry SPV? 

Cavalry SPV, which is also called Cavalry Portfolio Services, is a company that purchases debts in bulk from credit card and loan companies at a steep discount. Cavalry SPV then tries to collect these debts. As noted above, a major part of Cavalry’s business model is to sue consumers who refuse to pay. 

What to Do if You’re Sued by Cavalry SPV

If you are the recipient of a lawsuit from Cavalry SPV, you should do the following:

1. Don’t Ignore It

First, you should never ignore a Cavalry SPV lawsuit—or any lawsuit, for that matter. In fact, ignoring the lawsuit is what Cavalry wants you to do. This is because if you fail to respond to the lawsuit, then Cavalry will automatically win, and you’ll have to pay up. And if you refuse to pay, the court has several methods available to collect what is owed, including: 

  • Bank account garnishment
  • Wage garnishment
  • Property seizure
  • Property lien

2. Respond to the Lawsuit

As noted above, you shouldn’t ignore your lawsuit. Instead, you should respond to it in a timely manner. In the state of California, you generally have 30 days to file a response to a debt collection lawsuit with the court. In your response, you should address the allegations contained within and assert any defenses that you believe are applicable. In addition, you should request that Cavalry provide verification of the debt. However, responding to a lawsuit in a manner that is legally sufficient can be complicated. Therefore, before responding, you should seek the guidance of an experienced attorney. 

3. Contact a Debt Collection Lawsuit Defense Attorney Immediately 

Finally, if you have been sued by Cavalry SPV, you should contact an experienced debt collection defense lawyer as soon as possible. At Fullman Firm, our California debt collection lawsuit defense attorneys are here to protect your rights and pursue an acceptable resolution of your California debt collection lawsuit. We are known throughout the state of California as aggressive litigators and persuasive negotiators, and we will put our skills and experience to use in the defense of your lawsuit. Please contact us immediately to schedule an initial consultation.