California Harris & Zide Debt Settlement Attorney

A woman receiving a debt collection letter from Harris & Zide

Harris & Zide is a debt collection law firm that files lawsuits to recover delinquent consumer and commercial debts. Even though this collector is a law firm, the same rules and restrictions that apply to other debt collectors apply to Harris & Zide. Being contacted or sued by a law office can be intimidating, but you do have legal options. Debt settlement is one of them.

The Fullman Firm believes that every debtor deserves the full advantages that the law and good legal negotiation can afford them. That’s why we work tirelessly to settle debts and save our clients time, money, and stress. If Harris & Zide has contacted you, it’s time to give us a call and find out how debt settlement can help.

Who Is Harris & Zide?

The Law Offices of Harris & Zide is both a debt collector and law firm based in South Pasadena, California. Founded in 1988, the firm represents banks, finance companies, credit card companies, credit unions, debt purchasers, and businesses. According to its website, Harris & Zide works to collect unpaid credit card, personal, consumer, commercial, student, and auto loans. It also enforces judgments entered against debtors.

Many complaints have been made against this firm for its debt collection practices. Some examples include:

  • Harassing debtors
  • Attempting to collect debts that are outside the statute of limitations
  • Refusing to provide basic information as required by law (see below)
  • Using false, deceptive, and misleading means to collect a debt
  • Suing individuals who don’t actually owe anything

Know Your Rights As A Debtor

It doesn’t matter whether the debt collector that has contacted you is a law firm: it must still obey state and federal laws that protect the rights of debtors. Harris & Zide is legally prohibited from doing the following:

  • Calling debtors at unreasonable hours of the day and night
  • Calling debtors at work after being asked not to
  • Using profanity or obscenities in phone calls or letters
  • Discussing debts with a debtor’s co-workers
  • Failing to identify themselves as debt collectors
  • Threatening to have a debtor arrested over a debt

Harris & Zide has been accused of violating many of the above rules. Our firm can help if this has happened to you.

What If Harris & Zide Sues Me?

Since this debt collector is a law firm, you will likely be sued at some point. A lawsuit starts with a summons and complaint. The complaint contains allegations concerning you and the debt. You should read the complaint closely because there are numerous cases in which the collector has sued the wrong person. This often happens when the actual debtor has a common name, like John Smith.

The summons orders you to respond to the lawsuit. Generally, a debtor has 30 days after being served with a summons to answer the complaint. It is important that you retain an experienced attorney to help you answer the complaint. There are certain procedures necessary to properly respond to the allegations and assert your legal rights.

It’s not a good idea to intentionally evade the service of court papers. Harris & Zide is not going to be deterred simply because you continue avoiding a process server. As a law firm, they understand how to effectuate service and eventually will do so.

What Happens If A Judgment Is Entered Against You?

Once you are served with the complaint and summons, Harris & Zide will work to obtain a judgment against you. A judgment allows the firm to take additional steps like garnishing your wages, seizing money from your bank account, and placing a lien on your property. If you do not appear in court after being properly served, Harris & Zide can more easily obtain a judgment (known as a default judgment).

If you have been sued, or even if a court judgment has been entered against you, there are still options for resolving your debt for less than the balance. One of the best and most effective ones available is debt settlement.

We Can Settle Your Debt For Less Than You Owe

Debt collectors know that even if they obtain a judgment, it could take considerable effort to enforce it. They have to locate the debtor and go through a complicated, time-consuming process to collect the money. To be sure, they will follow through on enforcing the judgment. But these circumstances give debtors considerable leverage to settle for less than they actually owe.

With a debt settlement, you can make a lump sum payment in exchange for Harris & Zide agreeing to waive the balance. But this has to be done carefully. Far too many debtors attempt to negotiate settlements on their own and end up with “deals” that are ineffective or make things worse.

Here’s an example. Some debtors work out settlements over the phone with a representative of the debt collector. The collector “agrees” to accept payment for less than the total balance, promising the payment will settle the account. Months later, however, the debtor receives a demand letter for the balance. Because the agreement was worked out over the phone, the debtor has no proof of it and is stuck owing the balance.

Our firm knows how to not only negotiate a settlement that saves you money but to ensure that it will wipe out the balance of the account once and for all. This saves you time and headaches.

It’s Time To Let A Debt Settlement Solution Work For You

You don’t have to face collection calls and lawsuits from Harris & Zide any longer. With debt settlement, you can turn the page on your debt. Our firm is ready to help. Give The Fullman Firm a call today to schedule your consultation.