How Can We Help You With LVNV Funding?

The Fullman Firm, California’s Leading Debt Relief Attorneys, can help


Don’t Delay!

Take action now to stop a default judgment against you. Don’t let the debt collector seize your bank accounts, garnish your wages, or file a lien against your property.

We Can Help.

You can settle for much less than the debt collector’s first demand. Many of our clients pay little or nothing to debt purchasers.* If you choose to settle, clients who show strength to debt purchasers usually settle their cases for about one-third of the amount demanded in the lawsuit.

Respond to the Lawsuit.

Only a properly prepared response will push back at the debt collector and put you in a position to win or settle for a reasonable amount. Did you receive Request for Admissions or Interrogatories? We’ll prepare your response.

Where’s the Evidence?

Demand a copy of the debt collector’s file!

Direct Relationship with Your Attorney.

You will have the same attorney through the whole case and you can telephone or message your attorney directly.

We Will Guide You.

Settle or Fight? The choice is yours. We will help you decide which is best for you.

When debt collectors realize you are not backing down they often dismiss their case or settle for much less than their original demand.

We have helped our clients beat LVNV FUNDING and we can help you.

According to its own website LVNV Funding purchases consumer debt from creditors such as banks and finance companies, and from other debt buyers. Because LVNV Funding claims to be the new owner of a debt, LVNV Funding’s name may appear on a consumer’s credit report or in a letter from a collection agency. (Source:

We have helped our clients beat LVNV Funding and we can help you. LVNV is  a debt purchaser. LVNV Funding carries out standard debt collection activities (letters and telephone calls) and it files debt collection lawsuits using debt collection lawyers. If you have been sued or threatened by LVNV Funding, we can help. To learn how we can help you, call us at (888) 922-2367.


We charge a small flat fee and we only earn a profit if we are able to save you money. We are willing to put our money where our mouth is and put our skin in the game with you.


We are excited to announce a new payment option for our clients: ClientCredit. Powered by LawPay, ClientCredit is a flexible legal fee lending solution with no hidden fees and no surprises. CALL US now to discuss your options. Checking if you prequalify or applying for a loan through Affirm does NOT affect your credit. This allows you to hire us immediately to solve your debt problems, while giving you flexible repayment options.

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