Portfolio Recovery Associates, LLC is located in Virginia and a subsidiary of Portfolio Recovery Associates, Inc.  Portfolio Recovery directly purchases portfolios of charged-off accounts from U.S. creditors.  They purchase a wide variety of charged-off accounts, including: credit card, installment, lines of credit, auto loans, healthcare, telecom, utility, student loans, and retail.  In lawsuits, Portfolio Recovery is often represented by its own in-house collection attorneys.  However, it maintains a network of third-party collection attorneys.  In the state of California, Portfolio Recovery Associates is represented by Hunt & Henriques and Legal Recovery Law Offices.

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Portfolio Recovery Dismisses $4,573 lawsuit to Avoid Producing Documents Dec 26, 2014 - D.S. used our Attorney Assisted lawsuit Defense Attorney Assisted Sign Up to defend a lawsuit against him by Portfolio Recovery for $4,573.  After he used the demand for documents we prepared for him Portfolio Recovery dismissed the case.  Merry Christmas, D.S.!
Portfolio Recovery Dismisses Two Lawsuits Against Fullman Firm Client Aug 14, 2014 - Portfolio Recovery sued S.C. twice for two different debts.  S.C. hires The Fullman Firm for Attorney Assisted Lawsuit defense.  We prepared his response to the lawsuits, and demanded copies of Portfolio Recovery’s documents.  We just received word that that both cases have been dismissed.  Congratulations S.C.!
Portfolio Recovery Dismisses $15,617 Lawsuit After Fullman Firm Starts Preparing For Trial Apr 29, 2014 - When Portfolio Recovery sued G.C. for $15,617 he began by defending himself, but then he found The Fullman Firm and had us prepare for trial.  When we served Portfolio Recovery with our pre-trial documents, it dismissed the case.  That’s two wins against Portfolio Recovery in one month!
Portfolio Recovery Dismisses $7,793 Lawsuit To Avoid Responding to Fullman Firm Document Demands Apr 29, 2014 - Portfolio Recovery sued N.L. for $7,793.  N.L. retained the Fullman Firm to assist in her defense.  We prepared our demand for production of documents and . . .  surprise! Rather than produce proof of its claim, Portfolio Recovery dismissed the case.  Our client is considering whether to sue Portfolio Recovery for violation of the Rosenthal [...]
Fullman Firm Beats Portfolio Recovery and Legal Recovery Law Offices (Mark Walsh) at Trial Aug 5, 2013 - Portfolio Recovery and Legal Recovery Law Offices filed suit against D.U. in Los Angeles Superior Court, demanding $6,167.85.  D.U. started off representing herself, but ultimately decided she needed some help.  She retained us for trial against Portfolio Recovery and Legal Recovery Law Offices.  We were able to get much of Portfolio Recovery’s evidence excluded at [...]
Portfolio Recovery and Legal Recovery Law Offices Dismiss $7,273 Lawsuit Against Fullman Client Jul 16, 2012 - N.L. Came to us in the last month before trial.  She had begun her defense herself without our help.  We are happy when clients succeed and save money, but it is risky not to seek professional help, especially when our services are so affordable.  In any case, when opposing counsel received our call stating that we [...]
$14,393.47 Lawsuit Dropped by Portfolio Recovery/Mark Walsh/Legal Recovery Law Offices Jan 6, 2012 - Judith was sued by Portfolio Recovery Associates for over $14,000 using Mark Walsh of Legal Recovery Law Offices as its attorney. We prepared a simple demand for production of documents demanding copies of the evidence against Judith.  When Portfolio refused to produce the documents, we prepared a motion to compel its compliance with the law.  In response, [...]

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