You will not regret it. I promise!

He is incredible! If you’re in need of an attorney, Mr. C Peters is the one! I had hired him on for a case of mine that I don’t need to get into but in short, my good nature was taken advantage of which resulted in litigation. If I had gone anywhere else, I don’t think it would have worked out the same. I say that b/c, being in business for years prior to this problem arising, I’d hired many attorneys and I’d also usually end up firing them as well. They were useless, to say the least. Constantly arguing with my point of view, forgetful, billing me constantly but could never produce any meaningful bills. It turns out that one of them was actually a friends with the opposing side’s attorney! Yeah, that worked out well. For those 2! Anyway, Mr. Peter’s was there the entire time. He listened, was intelligent and kind to my money problems during the process. It was pure luck that I came across him but should I ever need anyone in the future, he’s the one. Please do yourselves a favor and bring him on as your representation. An all around, wonderful human being!

— Tony
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