Fullman Firm Frees Another Client From Default Judgment

According to the Brachfeld Law Group, EK owed a large sum of money.  They claimed to have given her notice of their lawsuit against her by delivering the Summons to her home and then they claimed that she never bothered to answer the lawsuit.  Based on this, they got a default judgment from the court, and their collection department filed papers to garnish EK’s wages.

The truth was that EK had moved away from the Orange County address where Brachfeld’s process server claimed to have served her and had been living in San Diego for almost an entire year before the supposed “service.”

Even worse, she had never had any financial relationship with the plaintiff in the case and never owed them a dime. She was just another innocent victim of sloppy collection agency paperwork and a falsified proof of service.

So she called the Fullman Firm.

We promptly filed a motion to have the judgment vacated, based on the false proof of service. Brachfeld didn’t resist for long, and they quickly signed a stipulation to have the judgment vacated. Another win for the good guys!