A Process Server Replies To Our Article on Dishonest Process Servers.

Here is an unedited email we received today in response to our article on dishonest process servers.  It is only fair to allow a process server to respond. As you read this, keep in mind that our article was based on years of experience and hundreds of stories from real people regarding improper or falsified service of process.  One of the writer’s concerns is that I have unfairly pinned excessive blame on his position and let the lawyers off easy.  I acknowledge that much of this problem is caused by dishonest lawyers.  

Your article: It’s comical that a lawyer would think he or she has anymore credibility than any process erver simply because he or she is an officer of the court.
Here’s what I wrote in reply to your hypothetical article.
Unfortunately, and probably on purpose, Mr. Fullman did not provide a way to email him.
First off, let me say that anybody that uses a broad brush to paint all people as the same either is lacking in basic intelellectual honesty, is ignorant, is a moron, has a very biased opinion or any combination of those. Having said that, Mr. Fullman did presumptively go to three years of law school and had to pass the LSAT which, if any of you have taken this, know that there are quite a few questions of logic. No honest lawyer would ever publish such a view of process servers as he did. Therefore my best answer on this issue is that Mr. Fullman is simply “disengenuous” in his appraisal. That’s a nice way of saying he’s a liar. Actually more like a blathering, braying ass.

Second, had I the opportunity to reply, I’d mention to him attorneys have asked me, knowing they hadn’t given me all of the neccessay documents for service, to simply state that I handed the defendant a “sheaf of documents”, then list some of them. Or attorneys would say just post the foreclosure documents on any tree somewhere as it will never be known if it was on the right property or not. Or prosecuting attorney that would “suggest” not to provide certain information in the course of a criminal trial that would assist the defense. Or I could mention the many alwyers that smoke dope and sell dope (never mind the characters in Pineapple Express) including some I’ve arrested. Or the lawyers that dipped into their client’s trust funds and used them for their own purposes or the attorneys that have forged judge’s names on documents (I know two personally that went to prison for this).
Thus, based on how Mr. Fullman judges process servers, he’s a dope smoking, lying, cheating, forger. There, I feel better now knowing I’ve painted Mr. Fullman with the same brush he used to paint me.
ANY lawyer of Mr. Fullman’s caliber shouldn’t be trusted. Period.