California Attorney General Sues Chase For Fraudulent Lawsuits – Chase Lawsuit

Chase Lawsuit

The California Attorney General has filed a lawsuit against JPMOrgan Chase & Co. alleging that it “flooded state courts with illegitimate lawsuits against credit card borrowers”, according to an article published today in the Los Angeles Daily Journal.  Allegations include the use of “robo-signers” to create evidence for use in lawsuits based on “patently insufficient evidence” in which the bank was “betting that borrowers would lack the resources or legal sophistication to call [Chase’s] bluff.”

Now, folks, this is great news, to be sure.  But this lawsuit by the Attorney General against Chase will not, by itself, save you from a judgment  if you are sued by Chase or another creditor.  You must still properly respond to the lawsuit.  Here at the Fullman Firm we are already adding references to the Attorney General’s lawsuit to our legal briefs.

Chase Lawsuit.