From Certain Loss to Winning – Thanks to The Fullman Firm.

We all make mistakes, and some of them can cost you $7,018.27.  Fortunately,  mistakes can be fixed!

G.C. came to us after preparing and filing his own Answer to Complaint.  However, when we reviewed his Answer we saw that he had accidentally admitted to everything that the debt collector claimed in its Complaint against him!  This happens quite often, and unless something is done immediately to correct the error, the debt collector will win without having to do much work at all.  People often wait to come to us until it is too late to do anything about it, but G.C. called us just in time.  We prepared his Amended Answer to Complaint and helped him file it.

G.C. then defended the case under our DIY Lawsuit Defense Program.  The case was set for trial on June 14, 2013, but we just received word that the debt collector dismissed its lawsuit.  Good thing G.C. made that call!

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