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Fullman Firm Beats Another Debt Collector at Trial

Fullman Firm recently secured another victory at trial against a major debt collector. The plaintiff in the case, Crown Asset Management, alleged that the defendant, represented by Fullman Firm, owed a debt of over $30,000. Luckily, the defendant decided to contact Fullman Firm immediately upon receipt of the lawsuit. Fullman Firm’s preparedness at trial ultimately saved the client over $30,000—an outcome that may have been different had the client tried to fight the case alone. This case demonstrates the importance of hiring an experienced debt collection lawsuit defense attorney to fight your debt collection lawsuit. 

How Debt Collectors Operate

Crown Asset Management and similar companies purchase outstanding debts for a fraction of their value. They then proceed to collect these debts for the full amount owed. These types of companies, known as junk debt buyers, purchase thousands of these accounts across the country each year.

A favorite collection tactic of junk debt buyers like Crown Asset Management is litigation. Crown Asset Management and other debt collectors file lawsuits against debtors in the hope that they will fail to respond. When a debtor fails to respond to a debt collection lawsuit, the court files a default judgment against the debtor. Unfortunately, many debtors fail to respond to debt collection lawsuits, making junk debt buyers a lot of money in the process. 

Why You Shouldn’t Fight Your Case Alone

There are many reasons why you shouldn’t fight your debt collection lawsuit alone, including:

The odds are against you: As a non-attorney attempting to navigate the legal system, the odds are against you. By trying to handle your own debt collection lawsuit, you put yourself at a major disadvantage. Debt collection law, like any other legal area, requires specialized knowledge and skill. The debt collection agency that sued you is represented by an attorney, and he or she knows debt collection law inside and out. When you hire a debt collection lawsuit defense attorney to represent you, you not only level the playing field, but you may tip the odds in your favor. 

The law is complicated: If you decide to represent yourself in court, you’ll have to learn a lot about debt collection law—quickly. And although you may be able to find some information about this subject online, you simply don’t have the legal knowledge to discern what’s right and what’s wrong. In addition, you may have valid defenses and counterclaims that you can assert in your case. However, without an attorney on your side, you’re unlikely to identify such opportunities. 

Contact a California Debt Collection Lawsuit Defense Attorney

If you’ve been sued by a debt collector in California, you should have a debt collection lawsuit defense attorney in your corner. At the Fullman Firm, our experienced debt collection defense attorneys have nearly fifty years of combined debt collection lawsuit defense experience. When you choose us to fight your debt collection lawsuit, we will do everything in our power to ensure your case is successful. Please contact us today to schedule a free consultation.