Fullman Law Firm Offers Top-Rate Defense to Californians with Debt Lawsuits

All throughout the country, citizens and small businesses struggle to find solutions to their debt problems, and often find themselves at the mercy of powerful creditors. The current global pandemic only made matters worse as pay-cuts and income losses have become an unwanted consequence for many, often taking away any capacity for debtors to settle financial obligations. Fortunately for Californians, the Fullman Firm is ready and able to come to their aid.

The California-based top-rated debt relief law firm boasts of an outstanding track record in successfully helping debt-ridden clients all over California. From credit card debts to hefty bank loans, Fullman Firm’s clients are able to save huge amounts of dollars or enjoy some debt relief because of the expertise and experience of consumer protection and credit defense lawyers that are dedicated to assist the Davids versus the Goliaths of the financial world. With over 40 years of history in winning battles even against the largest banks and creditors in the country, Fullman is notable for helping debtors get a fighting chance against larger adversaries.

The firm’s founder Adam Fullman is a distinguished consumer advocate with a passion for lending a helping hand to ordinary citizens with their daily strife against credit card companies, banks, and other financial institutions.

Many uninformed debtors turn to so-called debt settlement companies only to find themselves in deeper financial trouble. The Fullman Firm, on the other hand, is licensed by the highly-regarded California State Bar, and is much better equipped and certainly more knowledgeable in using the law to help delinquent debtors fight seemingly insurmountable credit lawsuits, or block punishing wage garnishments, bank levies, and judgment liens on their properties. Fullman offers flat-fee rates and easy payment terms for its famed services, which are built on compassion, proficiency on credit law, and most importantly, personal attention. It is open to free consultancy to map out the best line of defense.

Fullman’s expert lawyers have a plethora of defenses to counter debt collection lawsuits including insufficient evidences, inaccurate billing histories, proof of debt ownership, and expired statute of limitations.

“Everyone I dealt with at the firm was top of their game, very polite and personable… Believe me, you want these guys in your corner,” said Jan, one of Fullman’s clients who struggled with her credit lawsuits. “Their prices are very affordable and fair and there were no hidden fees or other unpleasant surprises. I was pleasantly surprised how efficient and professional these guys are. Can’t recommend them enough,” said another client, Anna, who was bullied by a leading debt collection company.

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