Brachfeld Law Group and Pinnacle Credit Services Give Up When Challenged

We just learned that Pinnacle Credit Services (represented by Brachfeld Law Group) has dismissed its lawsuit against our client, J.N.  The history of this case is interesting.  Pinnacle/Brachfeld obtained a default judgment against J.N. by not giving her proper notice of the lawsuit.  Then they levied over $8,000 from her bank account.  We filed a motion to vacate the judgment and won. Pinnacle returned the money to J.N. Then we defended the underlying lawsuit, which they just gave up on.  They dismissed the case with prejudice and can never go after her for this debt again. She may even be able to get the debt removed from her credit report due to the legal doctrine of retraxit.

Update: A follow-up to this post was published on December 2nd, 2011.