Mandarich Law Group And CACH LLC Breach Settlement Agreement But End Up Losing On The Deal.

Mandarich contacted JK on behalf of CACH making claim for $18,397.  JK reached a settlement agreement with Mandarich for $10,000 over the telephone and asked that they send him the deal in writing.  They insisted that he had to first make a $5,000 payment over the telephone.  He agreed but obtained a promise that he would have the agreement in writing (email) before he made the second scheduled payment at the end of that week.

Days passed and no agreement came.  He emailed the agent at Mandarich reminding of the promise to send the agreement in writing and also reminding them that he had to borrow the second $5,000 and could not do so until he showed his friend/lender the agreement in writing.  Mandarich waited until the end of the day Friday and sent the email demanding the second payment in less than an hour. The payment could not be made that fast.

When JK attempted to make payment the following week he was told that he was too late, that the deal was off, and that he now owed $13,397 after the first payment was credited.  When he insisted that they honor their deal they responded by suing him.

JK contacted The Fullman Firm, P.C. We helped him to Answer the Complaint and to Cross-Complain back against CACH and Mandarich.  We just settled the case for $3,000.   The collectors received $2,000 less than they would have if they had honored their original agreement.  Even after paying our fees JK came out well ahead.