Midland Funding And Brachfeld Fail To Produce Documents, Dismiss Lawsuit Instead

S.J. came to us for help when Brachfeld Law Group and Midland Funding LLC filed suit against him for approximately $8,000.  When Midland Funding LLC and Brachfeld failed to respond to the Demand for Production of Documents we prepared for S.J., we advised that he push the issue.  He asked us to prepare for him a letter demanding the production of documents and threatening to bring a motion to compel Midland Funding’s and Brachfeld’s compliance.  We would most certainly have prepared such a motion for him if necessary, but as it turned out, it was not necessary. Rather than produce the documents or face the motion, and possible sanctions, Midland  Funding and Brachfeld dismissed the lawsuit.  Total legal fees charged to to S.J? $407.08.