Midland and Brachfeld Agree to 26% Settlement, Even Though Client Waited Until Two Weeks Before Trial To Come To Us

B.S came to us asking if we could help with a debt collection trial coming up in two weeks.  We agreed to help and quickly did as much preparation for trial as allowed for with so little time, including a subpoena for the Midland employee who signed the Declaration in Lieu of Testimony for use at trial.  We also contacted Midland’s attorneys, Brachfeld Law Group, to explore settlement.  After some back and forth, we were able to obtain for B.S. a 26% settlement ($11,360 claim for $3000).  It certainly helped that Brachfeld could see we were preparing the case for trial and that this was not going to be an easy win against an unprepared lay person.

Now this does not mean that if  you are being sued you can wait around and do nothing and have us save the day at the last minute.  B.S. actively and thoughtfully defended himself  for almost a year before he contacted us.  He put in a lot of time to learn the court system and he still made a few errors which could have been avoided if he had come to us sooner.   He could have saved a lot of work, worry and error if he had found our website earlier, but in the end we are happy we could help.